Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A poem made into a song would make me smile sweetly

Shirt:Cotton On
Body chain:Custom made,Winnie

When in doubt,just pair a patterned leggings with a plain white top and you're good to go! Like I've said,it beats having the normal black leggings you see everywhere around. Anyhow,I've been working and working lately. A holiday on the beach would be lovely,anyone who's willing to let me do a resort review?? Just kidding,I'm a dreamer for sure.

No rest for me this week till Saturday is over~


smokylash said...

Simple and beautiful :)


Faridah said...

Dearest, I am so sorry I haven't visited your blog for sometime now. I'm loving everything I see!!! You're always an inspiration.

REally love this simple yet chic look. It's perfect! I could definitely see myself living in this look. I love your beautiful body chain!

han q said...

nice legging :)

oxox, djhanq

thingsIlove said...

Great legging. The title of this post is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Love the tights!

Julie said...

Ohh that outfit looks lovely! i soo want that body chain.

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Georgia said...

Rocking it up with the body chain, I liiike. And haha you're casual hint towards free holiday.. Good luck!
It would be mine

Panda said...

Stunningly beautiful. As ever. :-o
Panda xx
Need the body chain!

Michelle Elaine said...

Where do you work? & ugh if anyone allows you to do the review invite & include me too please!

Oh & btw that custom chain is hot!


projectvee said...

cool leggings, and love the body chain!

Anonymous said...

The leggings are simply awesome!

Debbie said...

You have such an amazing style! Love it!!


style of olya baileys said...

you look very cute ^)))


F i K a said...

I want a holiday on the beach too!! kinda tired with the working habit..hahaha

anw, you look simply chic!! I like it :).love the flowery looks really great on you :)

Poppy said...

Lovely photos..your hairs so nice!

daisymay said...

Love your harness might have to make one of these myself one day! Any luck finding out what happened to my parcel?

Britty said...

your pretty!
sweet leggings!

Dean Ryan @ Moda Por Favor said...

really love the body chain.
dean x