Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I can heard the thunder everywhere I go

Shirt:vintage Ralph Lauren,thrifted
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

Have I been boring everyone lately with my posts?? I want to post so much better looking photos,but my dumb charger! Thinking of a way to get my mom to buy me a new one. She has said no,but I will try again to ask. Sometimes I can take up to an hour just pondering over what to wear out. Hence,it gets me leaving my house late.

Threw this on in 5 minutes and just headed out. Yup,one of those 5 minutes outfits I had on again. This week will be over in no time~


smokylash said...

Love this simple outfit as always :)


umbrella-in-the-sun said...

Such a simple outfit but it looks amazing on you!
Love the colour of the shirt and the shoes are adorable !

Great post as always

mel said...

love it! amaizng vintage shirt and awesome shoes:) looking lovely and the sunnies pic is so awesome

Julie said...

I love this outfit, its so cute. Love the colour of your shirt! and your shoes are gorgeoussss.


Wrecked Stellar said...

Love the shade of green of your Ralph Lauren shirt and your moccasins are really cute! xo, mel

FashionJazz said...

Looking fabulous darling! Xx

MELODEES said...

long time babe! I love this color on you, looking great as usual!

Elizabeth said...

This simple outfit is too cute, and i love this color on you :)

Melissa said...

i LOVE that colour on you, it really suits you!

Violet said...

sometimes the five minute outfits make your day, especially with all the accessories

hope you find the charger! or can convience your mom.

Vi from Cali

Julls said...

Uhh,I really like the color of your shirt,very interesting !

Kelly Lauren said...

I love the color of that shirt! cute outfit.

Diane said...

Very nice shirt!!!love the color!


F i K a said...

heyyy cal??how are youuuu??been missed you a lot!!

my wed prep is going well..but there are still a lot of thing that I need to catch up..just hope everything will run smoothly until a big day ;)

anw, I love the color of your shirt!! and the shoes is soo lovely!!
this look is great for a 5 minutes outfit :)

Mindey said...

Great outfit! Love it.

Victoria-H said...

haha 2nd pic is awesome ! :)

Britty said...

hey you very good i love the simple love great moccasins =]