Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday ~

Due to my missing DSLR charger,all photos were taken by mobile phones. Sorry for blurry pictures!

Dress:Custom made,Sweets and Hearts by Erica
Bag(not pictured):Baggu
Shoes(not shown):Jooks

This photo doesn't do any justice,she is so much more beautiful when you actually see it!
My skin's still very swollen,so she may look a little funny to you.

I was pretty tired towards end of dinner.

Close your eyes,kids~

It was such a blast yesterday celebrating my birthday. It was a whole day of events and I got so tired last night didn't even had the mood to blog. My beautiful dress was made by my lovely friend,Erica. She was sweet to add in few more goodies when she sent my dress as well. Thanks! Headed for brunch during the day with my love where he surprised me with a bouquet of pink roses that had couple bears and a heart balloon.

Next came long hours of tattoo session. I got the classic pin-up girl tattoo. Some parts of it hurt so badly that I was crushing the cushion that became so crumbled. I had a hard time photographing her by myself,so do bear with me when I take better photos with my camera. I need my missing charger back! Back to the point,the photo doesn't do justice. She is so much more gorgeous up close.
Dinner at Tony Roma's was super yummy and we all ate so full till there was no space left for cake. Without my DSLR,I realized I didn't snap as much photos. I'm sorry on not being able to capture more outfit shots.

Thank you to everyone out there who wished me Happy Birthday,you all made me one happy girl! Big thanks to my family and my love for celebrating with me too. I'm never complete without you :) I love you!

P.S Didn't put up the photo I took with my mom and sis as we were all looking rather weird. heee


Anonymous said...

omg.the foods just make me hungary.

and so sweet on kissing photos.


Erica Leigh said...

happy birthday, my blogging bff!

the dress looks perfect on you and you look gorgeous. ^_^ the pictures are so cute. flowers + cake + bf + dress! yay! it looks like the perfect birthday!

and yum! i love tony roma's. :D

ooo the tattoo is cute! how'd you decide on the pin-up girl?

loooove you!! i'm so happy your birthday turned out so great.


smokylash said...

OOW this serie of photos is so cute with your boyfriend, the birthday's cake (ummm) and I LOVE your made home dress : ALL IS PERFECT !

Sorry for my bad english,
kiss mel

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

o so cute ! the food looks yummy and so does your custom made dress!


Vinda Sonata said...

happy belated birthday, valencia <3 you look fantastic on your birthday. love your dress and the tattoo <3


happy birthday valencia :)


Marina said...

you've got a great hair!
that cake=yum!
happy birthday!

Violet said...

happy birthday... awww your guy is so sweet to bring you flowers! I love the tattoo. hope you find your charger hun!

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

HAPPY [belated by now lol] BIRTHDAY

you looked so classicly cute. you and your bf are adorable! When you get your missing charger back, updated tattoo pictures are a must!! haha

<3 Krissy

Julie said...

i want corn on a cob now.

that last picture is like mega cute!


Anonymous said...

double awe! you two are too cute! i love your dress and all the chocolate looks yummy :)

denise said...

yay funnnnn!!!!!!! Your tattoo looks great too!! Sooo cute! I wish i could get one too ): Anyway hope you got some great birthday presents!! Happy birthday again :D

Gi_K. said...

it is a cool tattoo. looking forward to more pictures of it. the food makes me hungry too.


Rach said...

Hope you had a great birthday! You and your bf look so happy. and that dinner looks amazing! :]

Clara said...

happy birthday!!

thesydneygirl said...

awww such sweet photos!!!! i'm glad you had a great time! happy birthdayyyyyyy love you lots! x

projectvee said...

glad you had fun!! lovely dress :)

Victoria-H said...

Aww Happy belated b-day !! Looks like you had a great day !! So cute

Diane said...

Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing with us! But what's with that food porn?? Makes me so hungry !!! :))