Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diamonds are not only a girl's best friend now

To compliment a simple dress without much accessories is fairly simple. Have you ever thought of earrings? Don't belittle something as small as this,it really helps us girls go a long way looking gorgeous.They are in fact the one accessory we often neglect about. But then you might think a pair of earrings that will last and looks good at the same time will cost you a hefty price. Fret no more! Over at My Jewelry Box,you can find all sorts of affordable earrings that will suit you on any day.

Look at these gorgeous gold earrings below,aren't they gorgeous!

This simple pair of pearl earrings would go well with daily wear and won't take any attention off from what you'll be wearing.

For cocktail dinners,why don't put on this pair?

And last but not least,maybe a gift to your mom! Even though Mother's day is long over,it's not to late to tell her how much you love her?