Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm as free as the wind on a sunny afternoon

Drapey vest:DIY by me
YSL shirt:Online store
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

(Sorry for a wordy post today,I've got quite a bit to say)

Aren't DIYs always so much fun to do? Once you complete it,you'll feel rather proud that you've made something on your own. Finally got to wearing out my drape vest I made awhile back. There were some loose fabric around the shop,so I just sip and cut and I got it done. I'm proud of what I made and it looks good on me. Pssst,I've switched to side fringe now. Giving my bangs a rest:)

Why have I been so excited about tomorrow? Because it's my 20th birthday tomorrow and I'm super happy. A whole day of events and awesome dinner and cake too! I'm still not sure how I'll take photos/video or maybe even polaroids. Anyhow,I will document tomorrow down in some way.

So twenties here I come! Not too excited about growing a year older,but bring it on. Just want to say a big thank you thank you to all my readers and all the support everyone has given me till today. It will be a year since I've started blogging this July,can you imagine??
Big thank you to my love who has been always there for me no matter what,I love you!


Diane said...

Enjoy your birthday sweetie and Happy Birthday!!

I love that vest, can;t believe you did it yourself!!

michelle_ said...

happy early birthday valencia :)
you're draped vest looks gorgeous on you !
i hope you'll take wonderful polaroids tom :) :)
cant wait to see what happens !

Nora said...

Happy bday! Have a blast!
i love the vest, the drapery and the color. looks perfect on you. =))

hugs and kisses,
Fashion Fantasy Land


Happy Birthday Valencia! I love the red vest on you. Looks so good. x

Elizabeth said...

This looks too cute!

melly said...

Oh boy, this drapey vest looks terrific! Happy birthday, twenty's a nice age to be :D

SAUVAGE said...

the color of that vest is gorg, great diy!

& my tattoo isn't new, I just usually keep it hidden, haha.


I am so crazy about your shirt!!

amalie said...

cute, love the shoes!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

happy birthday :) wish you all the best
your red vest is sooo gorgeous!!

XD nathalie

projectvee said...

love the drapey vest! can't believe you DIY'd that :)

and woot, hope you have an amazing time celebrating!

Erica Leigh said...

eeee! i like your diy vest. i want to make one too. i like the way you pushed your bangs to the side. ughhh i need to get a haircut because my bangs are being super weird right now.

i can't wait for your birthday post! seems like everything came together perfectly (and your cake sounds awesome, by the way).

so crazy that all this time has gone by already! we've known each other for almost a year now! :D

looove you!

♥ erica

Emilie Delance said...

Happy B-day! :D ♥ Hope u have a lovely day! Love the outfit, I want the t-shirt ^_^

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

hope you had a lovely 2oth birthday ! your outfit is beautiful!


denise said...

oomygosh didn't know you were so young! hahahaha happy birthday lady :D

Melissa said...

happy birthday!!

great DIY!


Julie said...

Happy birthday ;D

really cute outfit! + following.


daisymay said...

Happy Birthday chicken. hope you had a good one!! your vest is lovely too.

Nubiasnonsense said...

Hey doll its been a while.. You look very cute..I love you DIY vest

creamy said...

I like it!!
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creamy said...

I like it!!
Wanna exchange link with me??
Email me :

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smokylash said...

Oh late Happy birthday sorry but nevertheless Happy-B !!

Big kiss from France!