Friday, May 14, 2010

Never take no for any answer

Drapey front jacket: h&m
Tie dye bodysuit:Swap with Chantele

Can you just see how happy I am now? My camera is back in full force again,yeahh! Thanks to Sarah for passing me the charger,even though it doesn't fit well. I guess some of you can related to how it feels when your own camera charger goes missing. Say bye bye to mobile phone photos~

Oh yes,now I can take better photos again. I'll have to wait till my tattoo has fully healed before showing everyone again. She looks kind of disfigured right now with all the skin peeling.So on to the weekend instead,I doubt i


S and O said...

I love that drapey jacket of yours -- so cute!

hahaha can't believe how awesome your ring is either, right on! ^_^


michelle_ said...

i love your tie dye playsuit :)
and glad that you're camera is back ! should've been back last week so u get to snap bday pics..heeee..

i miss ya !
i havent been seeing u doing alot of blog walking lately..

i got an idea.. perhaps u can blog one night.. and use the night after for blog walking :) that way you'll get to readers evenly..

cheers for the nice comments :)
have a great TGIF !

Violet said...

love the shorts they are perfect... and YAY for getting a charger!

Vi from Cali

Julie said...

I love your batman ring!

Your Stalkers Little Sister

Melissa said...

cute outfit!

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

ahhh love the ring

Cuteeeey post :)


Elizabeth said...

I cannot wait to see the tattoo! and I love the accessories, too cute!

F i K a said...

love the drapey jacket!! :)
glad to know that you can take a pic with your camera again :D..In my latest post, I also took a pic with my blackberry coz my sister bring the camera to Bandung *a city near jakarta*..and it's s**ks to take a pic with a phone cell..haha

FashionJazz said...

Hey hun! Luv ur jacket!! xxx

F Blog said...

loving that jacket!

Iris.kirei girl da madrid said...

Happy that your camera is back!
lovely jacket.

daisymay said...

Love this outfit! The shorts are cool!

MELODEES said...

love the shorts bella

thesydneygirl said...

you look so so pretty! :) love those shoes on you <3 hope you have a great day! love u lots xxxx

stylista said...

I love your outfit- the top is so chic.

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