Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pick a name you'll never label yourself

Denim jacket:Cotton On
Shirt:vintage,found randomly at home
Accessories:All random

A very piece of good news I want to announce but I'll keep it till the end of this post. Sorry for the slightly blurry images too, was using the shop's camera.

I thought this jacket was gone for good around the house when I saw it this morning! Hello there,my denim jacket. Are denims still in trend? Do you follow trends? I tend to sometimes to be honest but I try to stay away from them. Colors of the red range came all on with my outfit today,it occurs that I do wear a lot of the same color range at one time recently.
This week ends early for me,taking Thursday off and Friday is a public holiday here. It will be an extra long weekend for me!

I've been having a new batch of clothes and accessories due to the recent fashion blogger contest I'm in. Will be slowly wearing all those out when the contest is almost over.
Yes,the 1st look comes out in Straits Times URBAN this Friday,2nd April!
So get ready to start voting. More details will be released on Friday via my blog and twitter!

So the very good news is that my feature on Cosmogirl Indonesia is out! I was pretty shocked as I didn't know anything about it until a fellow reader told me. 

Big thank you to Rani from Cosmogirl Indonesia and also to Michelle who offered to help me scanned the pages in and did the translation. I'm so so happy I got to be on pages of a magazine,it's my 1st one and maybe more to come~

(click picture to enlarge)

The article is in Malay,here's the translation below in english if you need.

CG : Hey Valencia ! Tell us how you started your blog?
I'm inspired by many fashion blogs - reading blogs inspires my daily style from years to years. One day, I thought I should make one too even though I never thought that people would actually want to read it. And from then, I never regretted starting a blog.

CG : What do you write in your blog?
My blog consists of my daily outfits, fun photos, and some my own life. Basically, my blog is more focused towards personal style and fashion.
CG : who is your fashion inspiration?
The Olsen sisters is my main inspiration. I really love how they make their outfits look more stylish. I also want to be apart of the 60s and the hippies era !
CG : what other things inspire you?
Nature - things like feathers, trees, and anything else that's handmade sometimes inspire me.
CG : What's your signature style?
A mix of vintage styles with a touch of modernity. Dresses, leggings, and pants are some of the items that I wear on a daily basis. Other than thay, I never leave home without piles of accessories.
CG: You will never be seen wearing....
Fishnet stockings is really not for me. I will never wear that even if I'm paid ! They don't give me good vibes.

CG: Who's your favorite designer and brand?
Betsey Johnson. She's so good in adding colors in her collections. For favorite brands, I don't have any but vintage shops and ebay are one of my favorite places to shop. You'll never know what gems you can find there !

CG: What is your most "Must Have" outfit?
A really good structured blazer,a vintage loose blouse and a pair of pow wow leggings! Meaning they have to be bright or patterned. 

CG: How do you predict this year's trend will be like?
I guess florals would continue for some time. Surely we will be seeing many bright colors used in clothing,more abstract prints in long flowly dresses and more outrageous shoes collections!

CG: What is the meaning of girl power for you?
To me,it means that girls can take charge too! Even if its something that is huge in one's life,we girls can surely pull it off. We are not to be belittled by others and girls can surely have the brains and beauty too.

CG: How will you apply it in real life?
To empower other women around that we are people that can make things happen. Knowing that we can dream big and success in life.

CG: Who is the most powerfull women for you? Why?
My mother. She is such a strong woman bringing my younger sister and myself by herself this past few years. Even though it means going out of her way,she always wants us to be happy. So mom,you're the best!

CG: If you were a SuperHero, who would you want it to be?
Catwoman! I love the sexy silhouette and the all black outfit. Also because I'm so in love with drawing cat/winged eyeliner and Egyptian history.


Anonymous said...

Wow, absolutely amazing! I totally love this look! Love the leggins and the blazer! Wow! So cool!
and.. your hair are beautiful!
Great interview!


Julls said...

This look is one of your best,I might say !

And congratulation,you deserve that feature !

Marcell-a said...

wow. congratulations on that feature.
no wonder, your style is awesome.
i'm following youu :D

Vinda Sonata said...

Valencia, you're right. the jacket's totally gorgeous. and congrats for the interview with CG indonesia. it's one of the best teen magazine around here!


Congrats on the feature Valencia! That jacket is gorgeous on you. xo

Christina said...

Cool leggings!

Blackberry Sherbet

t a l i s h a said...

love the outerwear and that girly legging.. congrats on the feature babe! you deserve more to come :)

projectvee said...

congrats on the feature!! you are amazing, girl :)

i'm loving that jacket, and the floral leggings of course <3


I like! Im gunna have a long looky look!

Yours Truly!


Audrey Leighton said...

you look great. i love your rings...and amazing eye make up!


Shantee said...

congrats on the feature! i think you deserved it and great interview too :D

Anonymous said...

love the leggings, and the red bow ring!

Melissa~ said...

Oh my god, you're so famous!
You're in a magazine! that's like the best thing for a blogger.
I would love to have that magazine,cause, you're on it!!!

Kisses, and congrats!

fadetoblack said...

omg that awesome!!
truely big congrats for the feature ;)

Victoria-H said...

You look greaaat as always!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the feature!

diana! said...

love your legging!!
wow pgn bli majalana:)
don't forget enter my giveaway:)

Diane said...

Hey, that's great!!You're famous, girl!! I'm happy for you!! Te interview is so great also!!
hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Very cute floral leggings, and you have such fantastic rings! Congrats on CG!


princesspolitico said...

OH MY WORD! congratulations on your feature! you're an amazing blogger with such unique style... TERRIFIC!


Kiki said...

Congrats on the feature! So happy for you. Lovely interview! <3

-Kiki xo

denise said...

yayyyyyyy congrats on the feature :D