Friday, March 12, 2010

If pigs can fly,I can dream oh so big ~

No outfit post today,it will be back on tomorrow ~
I was bored at work and no one was around in the store,so I randomly vlog. It was pretty funny as I kept looking out to see if anyone was coming in and laughed and thought why I would talk to myself. Not something fashion related,but it was good fun.

Like I said on the video,I'm not heading to the flea market tomorrow. But lots of fun ahead planned and I can't wait to spend some time with my love too. Honey,I miss you lots! 
Happy Friday~


Faridah said...

Awww you're so awesome! I enjoyed your video blog very much. And so so happy you're wearing the necklace. It looks great on you. Thanks so much for the mention too, you're too sweet. Can't wait for the outtakes for the photoshoot.

Julls said...

you are so cute =))) I love how you were looking for unexpected customers =))

mel said...

i love your blog!
your outfits posts are amazing, you have the most fabulous clothes:)
now following


Valencia, you are so cute and amazing! I wish I could meet you in person. Your blog is wonderful. Much love, Jackie. xo

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geisharock said...

I love your huge array of bracelets! I can never collect enough of them that look good together like that..

Anonymous said...

awesome vlog. you are too cute!

Robbin said...

ooh, a photoshoot! sounds fun! =)
pls do post outtakes!

- Robbin

t a l i s h a said...

heart the vlogs!! and your eye makeup's fantastic! teach me how hahahaha

p.s: check out my latest post here


Diane said...

haha, you were so sweet looking aside to see if someone was entering :P

But I love those rings from he store, they were rings, right? Wow, lovely!!

have a fun weekend!


Ljubica said...

you are so cute! the photoshoot sounds like it will be so much fun!! Can't wait to see the pics :)

Erica Leigh said...

LOL! i love how you're vlogging about your outfit while you're at work. it's a good thing no one came in and interrupted you ;D

oooo have fun at your photo shoot! that sounds like a lot of fun and i can't wait to see the outfits that you and your friends put together! i've been meaning to do this with my friends too, but we're terrible at organizing the whole thing haha.


Nora said...

you look gorgeous. and you do have tons of the COOLEST accessories. totally love the bangles. =))

Big Daddy said...

Oh i like vlogs, they are so interesting-you get to see another side of the bloggers.
Also i tagged you on my blog for a little silly thing.
Andd i am obsessed with your outfit in the last post, so amazing girl!!

VintageGoa said...

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FashionJazz said...

I couldnt view anything hun : ( Cant wait to see the ur other pics though!! Mwah xxx

Clare said...

Cute, love the looking around! Great accessories too :)



JOWY said...

Aaaah i couldnt see it, but anyways just have to say that have amazing style!

One Love,

mel said...

thankyou so much for adding me to you blogroll! thats so amazing:) and i am so excietd for your upcoming posts becaue you have the most amazing outfits!

stellectism said...

aaaaww finally i can hear your voice gorgeous! we haven't gotten the chance to meet but i'm so happy to hear your voice <3

Faridah said...

Awww I asked you a question on formspring just then ^.^

amalie said...

i love watching videos ! you're cuute. i like your blog :)

yiqin; said...

Seeing you rtomorrow <3

Sher said...

You're seriously so cute in your v-log! Love listening to your babble hehe! And super excited to see the results of your photoshoot!

Oh, and I was wearing a blazer paired with leggings yesterday, nothing groundbreaking compared to yours! But you're definitely my inspiration:P


denise said...

wahhahhaha oh man singaporean accent!!!! lol my mom doesnt have one normally but EVERY time she starts talking to a fellow singaporean it just ranodmly pops out! I do have to admit though its so catchy, when I was there I could even tell my accent changing a little hahaha oh man but its so funny that SOME words you say you have a really american accent! hahaha so random :D