Friday, March 5, 2010

Review:Nokia N97 mini

Thanks to Shira from WOMWorld/Nokia,I had the privilege to have the Nokia N97 mini for a trial period of two weeks.

It was indeed an honor to be able to try out the phone beside famous worldwide bloggers like  BryanBoy (!!!), Christian of After-a-Fashion, and Bagaholic Boy! Do you see BryanBoy,he is super famous in the fashion world! I was so excited to try out this  £429 phone! Anyhow,let's get back to the review. 

The look of Nokia N97 mini is sleek and professional looking. I do love how the phone can slide up sideways and it reveals the keypad. The menu selection on the phone is kept neat and proper,but for me I felt it was too little not as spread like the rest of the Nokia series. As I'm using a touch screen keyboard now with my Samsung Jet,it took awhile to get used to the N97 mini's keyboard. The buttons don't work as well,I had a hard time pressing on some of the alphabets. 

The music player quality is so clear and I love you get to adjust the different settings for different kinds of music.So for example like Jazz,the sound comes out softer yet still as clear. And the internal 8GB memory makes it so much easier to store up all my songs I want to add.
The 5.2 Megapixels is very clear as well,with the multiple functions and multi shots,perfect for someone like me who loves to takes photos most of the time.

What's the final verdict? Its a phone for people who are always on the go and lots of meetings/events to head to. A phone for the business with a edge of professionalism. Would I buy this phone personally? No,as I prefer a phone that has more fun features and games I could play with.


djhanq said...

cool phone, i used to want it so badly,
seeing ur review makes me want it again :)

Jacqueline said...

Awesome phone!

Julls said...

Amazing phone ! Love it :D
And your lookbook gallery is amazing.Could you , PLEASE :o3 , send me an invitation.I'd love to join

:o3 I'd love it a lot , if you can, or if you think I deserve it.

melissa said...

Love it!!!
I'm fine dear! My family is alright, nothing happen to my house thank god. I'm very happy to say that I'm just fine.

Thank you.


Anna-Lena said...

wonderful mobile phone..i love it...:o)
have a nice weekend!

lisa + cathy said...

yes it is pretty chunky and the phone lags alot too, sticking to the iphone and its awesome apps (Y)

Zanah said...

Great post review luv :) Mon Mode Blog

Julls said...

Thank you a lot,my dear ! Thank you !

Stace said...

Nice review! I would proabbyl also prefer a phone with games :D


Sarah said...

Iphone FOR THE WIN! hahaha... you know u want one. :P

Anonymous said...

great pictures! love the dress on the 2nd pic

Nana said...

love that phone,3

thesydneygirl said...

AWESOME review!!!!!!! x

Anonymous said...

go with the iphone. nothing compares!