Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I went pass a tree and carve your name deep within

Top:vintage,local flea market find
High waist shorts:Mango

sorry for the poor quality,was taken from my mobile phone.

Quick outfit post today and I didn't manage to get much nice shots. This rainbow top seriously never fails to make my day happier. I think the happy effect also affects the people around me and for sure you want happy vibes around you all the time. I've been busy with work and the blogger contest,running around getting the outfit right and hoping to get good photos from it. All goes well for now and I'm just so excited to be in it.

Oh yes,I'm still keeping my ban on spending too much. A little proud of myself and I did my very 1st DIY attempt yesterday while I was at work. I followed Behind The Seams tutorial here. Do try it,so easy to make and a great layering piece.


mel said...

loving the mixings of colour contrasting with teh black shorts! i love your shirt and your tights are just fabbity as well as everything else - amazing outfit:)xx

Leah said...

I love the high-waisted shorts... a definite must-have in the closet now. xoxo

TiffanyAmanda said...

heart the high-waisted short and obviously loveeeee ur accessories !

Erika Melisa said...

love how versatile that top is!=)
p.s. did you receive the header i sent you?

Jes said...

Love the tights.

Anonymous said...


I...AM...BACK! Sorry for MIA-ing and taking such a long hiatus! Let's hang out soon alright? I've missed you tons!!! It sucks having to work and get so tired everyday :( How have you been? I'm loving the new style and vibrant colors! You look awesome in those cutesy tights which I totally covet but have no idea to wear to when weekends are just so shagadelic for me LOL (flats and tees and all zzz since I spend most of the week all dressed up).

Keep in touch! Oh yes, I've updated my blog...like finally huh! Do drop by and hope to see more of you around my blog okie? I've missed you!!! No longer hear from you anymore -- bet you probably forgot me hahahaha!

Stay lovely!

xoxo Adela

melly said...

Gotta say that top makes me happy too!

Sophie Carmo said...

Genial....I love your tights and your shirt....Muakssss

Anonymous said...

i love your highwaisted shorts, you look great as usual!


Sher said...

Ohh, I'm in love with those tights, they look so adorable! And I really wish I could find a highwaisted pair of shorts that could fit me as perfectly as yours do:)

You look sweet as a rainbow, dear!


Anonymous said...

I love those shoes:)
You're beautiful!Really cool!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you look SOOO cute!! I am loving everything about this outfit.



Anonymous said...

I saw her post from a while back! I love her DIYs. I like how you choose a bright pop of pink [perfect for spring and summer!]

The rainbow top did actually make me a bit happy when the photo loaded on my screen. I really needed that haha.

<3 Krissy


You rock the high waisted shorts Valencia. So cute and I love the top you paired them with. xo


projectvee said...

love the colourful top!! you wear it so well :)

stylestalker said...

Great vintage find with that shirt hon! The colours scream for spring and summer!


¶ Michelle said...

I thin the shots are great! I love the colors are mixed well with another. The accesories are perfect!


Annie Spandex said...

You look gorgeous!

Shantee said...

always love the rainbow top :D
and great job on the DIY. love the color of the cloth

Anonymous said...

Are they still selling the high-waist shorts in Mango now?
- from a sgp reader

Melissa said...

love the colours in your outfit!! great shirt!


alyssa said...

i love how colorful you are! looks great!

Diane said...

The combination of the shirt and the shoes is so great,I love it! And you look amazing in those shorts!

good luck with the contest!


thesydneygirl said...

you're always looking gorgeous <3 i really really really hope you win the contest :D fingers crossed!!!

have an awesome day!


Erica Leigh said...

yay, more diy! i made something for myself too. i'm also on a bit of a shopping ban :( trying to save up for my trip but it's SO HARD. ugh. i'm proud of you though! we can do it haha.

yesss i love the high-waisted shorts and your famous colorful plaid top! i think rainbow colored things make me super happy too. :D


blackecstasy said...

love ur high waist dear ! <3
u look so colorful lol!
u look pretty as usual dear :)
have a great weekend bebi
yudia aiiu

Bubu said...



Anonymous said...

your outfit is sooo cute! I love the top!


.Maree said...

that's such a cute and fun top! =]

Sheila said...

Awesome hose! Too cool! Interesting color combos...