Saturday, March 20, 2010

Take this ruins away from the thunderstorm

Terribly sorry that I've not been blogging for 2 days now!!! Work has been really busy the past few days and getting prep up for the blogger contest too. But yes,I'm not disappearing away or anything. I've not been able to snap any outfit post lately,so here are photos from what's happening the past few days.

An outfit post back on surely on Sunday! I'm so excited as I'll be meeting up with Shantee of Rotinbutter from Malaysia too. Yayyy~


Constança said...

Oh! So cool!! Love the necklaces!


M. said...

ah love that shop you were in, all those necklaces are great!

lovelove, M.


I love the necklaces.

Anonymous said...

Hey chica! Long time! How have you been?? I've been quite busy too!! But I hope you are doing well with everything. Those glasses are totally rad!

Anonymous said...

Wow those necklaces are soo cute!


Stace said...

cobrasnake = lusttttt.
also, love those specs, SO cute!

xStace from TEE&FAME

Julls said...

Oh gosh,all those stuff are amazing !

Ljubica said...

what a cool concept!
the necklaces are fabulous, it goes without saying, but i also love the name "retrospec" and just the whole idea of it is amazing!
PS: do you know if those necklaces can be ordered online anywhere? thanks!

ediot said...

looks like you have a great time in that shoP. what shop is it? looks fantastic. hope youre doing great and having an good weekend.

xx ediot

Ash Fox said...

looks like fun! love the glass/necklaces!


Linda Smit said...

This looks really cool!

Erica Leigh said...

oh my gosh! i LOOOOVE those glasses necklaces! they are too cute. :D i also like the way the wall displays are done/arranged. how fun!