Thursday, March 4, 2010

I wonder I wonder where my soul goes away to

Dress:vintage,flea market find
Bag:Courtesy of Naked Ape

Weather is so warm these days it calls for a summer dress. No such thing really as a summer dress from where I'm from here because its tropical weather all year round. I'm loving my huge glasses more these days. Overdue contact lenses have forced me to wear my glasses often. But I love that they do give me that eccentric vibe.
Oh yes,I got my acorn necklace and its so gorgeous. Been wanting it from this store in town for about 2 months now and I finally took a trip down to buy it. Didn't regret anything.

Tomorrow marks the start of the weekend and I can't wait for it to arrive. Lots of packing of packages to be mail out and also I'm heading for a picnic on Saturday organised by Sarah and Melly. It will be so much fun and lots of girl talk too. The next day would be spent with my love and also I do hope we can catch Alice In Wonderland in 3D. Super hyped on for that.

What are your plans this weekend? Surely plan to make it a good one~


michelle_ said...

no wonder you want that acorn ring sooo badly !
itsss super cute !
which shop did you get it at ?
i remember anna sui had one like this and she gave it to agyness deyn :D

and i love this vintagy look . the glasses really support the look well . i think i sud be getting some canvas senakers too, its comfy and a much better replacement for my usual black flats. hahaha..itd make my outfits preppier !

miss you much !
hey do u know when both of d sgp casino will open up ?

me and dad were just talking abt sgp.. and its a good chance i'll be goin there at end or march/ mid-april (well my dad wanted to go when all of the marina bay area is that's y i asked you..)

Jacqueline said...

Oh my gosh, I love your acorn necklace! I want one. It is adorable Valencia =) xo

Julls said...

That necklace is adorable , for sure ! And I'm soo looking for glasses like yours and I can't seem to find them anywhere..

Well,my cousin is coming into town,so I'm looking forward to spending some time with him :)

Minette said...

i adoreeee your style! you know it?
your dress is fab!

Sher said...

Aww, I really love that acorn necklace of yours too! And yes, the weather is killing us with the heat!! Even summer dresses feel hot on me:P

Have a lovely weekend V and hope u get to catch alice in wonderland!!


Elizabeth said...

I love your necklace, and your hair is amazing!!!

Anna-Lena said...

hello love, i am visiting your blog today for the first time and i have to tell you that your blog and especially your outfits are amazing!! well you have a great body! really..gorgeous outfits and wonderful accessoires!maybe you wanna visit my blog as well and follow me?:o)...
wish you a nice evening!

Ilse said...

hi dear!!! I love your glasses to death. looks so good on you heehah!

melly said...

cutest little acorn! see you Sat!

Carmen said...

Your necklace is so cute! Glasses look adorable on you!


projectvee said...

loving the dress - all of your accessories are LOVELY <3
and yes, i agree, the glasses look great on you :)

joanne said...

cute necklace! how much is it?

alyssa said...

hello! new follower! =D

i love your dress. such an awesome find. ah i hate the period of where i have no contacts left. i try to use the last one i have for as long as i can. haha

Chasing Cherries said...

Cute outfit girl!! Loving those glasses and that beautiful new necklace you've bought!

Meggstatus said...

I am digging this dress young lady!

Marla Singer said...

awww cuteee! love the dress so much <33

Bubu said...

i love your belt, hoe are you?

kisses from spain Val

Oskar said...

Ahhh! The belt is so awesome. Goes will with your acorn necklace <3

again, the shoes!
the more I see it the more I need it

Britty said...

wow i love the dress and shoes! their flawless

Romany said...

I love dresses with belts, it's such a classic look! Aww that acorn necklace is so adorable.
My weekend will surely be filled with cleaning and packing junk into boxes (we're moving, sigh). Your weekend sounds much more fun, enjoy it! :)

Casual Jackets said...

I really like your outfit here!!lovely dress!!

Ladyulia said...

it my first time walking to ur blog

and I fallin love with this blooooooog

Yulia Rahmawati

Joellen said...

Verrry cute, that dress is such a wonderful find!

Diane said...

Hy! Can't tell you how much I envy you because you go to a picnic and have sunny weather!
I wasn't born in the right part on the Earth :))

And I love the acorn necklace! Looks great!

Have a fun weekend


Victoria-H said...

Awesome outfit, and what a cute necklace !
have a great weekend dear ! :)

Nicole Jarecz said...

i really like your tote, this whole outfit is great! xxnicole

tinypaperheart said...

i love how you put this outfit together! :)

daisymay said...

Cute acorn necklace!

Holly Sanders said...

You r outfit is so comfy LOVE IT!

.Maree said...

Heyyy! =) i love your belt! it looks vintage?!!?? and it looks like like A LOT of your accessories are vintage...i could be wrong though! (:
Cuutee, cutee!!

~ Mary

emma said...

oh god i can not wait for summer, your dress is beautiful

thesydneygirl said...

heyy beauty! you look AHMAZING! ;o)
love that bag on you... and your new necklace. you have a really nice style. big hugs to you beautiful.

Starr- A Thought Is The Blossom said...

oh. em. geeee. that acorn is so precious!!

Emm said...

WOW I LOVE THAT ACORN! (what a weird sentence haha) But seriously its amazing!
And yes it was the sydney tattoo convention. I'd love to see yours on your wrist, what is it?


Couture said...

Beautiful outfit!