Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Throw a rock in the lake and see how far it goes

Cardigan:Cotton Ink
Lace tank:random gift from sister
Accessories:All random
Pin(on cardigan):won from Tie me a bow's giveaway

Late supper with my love caused that I couldn't blog yesterday. But its alright,rushing this up now as I find some printer to print a few documents so this will be a quick post.

I had a really hard time matching this Cotton Ink cardigan at 1st,mainly because the length was a little too long and the front looks funny. But finally yesterday,I felt I managed to put together an outfit that can fit the cardigan in. With lace and a high waist skirt,I think I did pretty well:)
Took photos in the store and do you see the huge robot behind me in one of the photos? Yes,it is that huge and tall. Due to the store's latest collection has linked to robots,the designer built this huge robot all on her own. The lights around is gorgeous too! Its mid-week today and I cannot wait for this weekend to come. Proper rest and I get to catch up with everything too.

Update:The really exciting news I was talking about few weeks back is that I got to try out the Nokia N97 mini for a period of 2 weeks! So a review on that coming up soon~


Erica Leigh said...

oh cool! i like the new place where you work! it must be nice to be surrounded by lots of pretty things (and a giant robot. ha! i love it). love your outfit! the skirt's color is my favorite.

thanks for helping me with the xl pictures on blogger haha. i didn't even know they had a new editor!

ooo nokia n97 mini? can't wait to see it (although, i bet we won't even get one in the states for another few years).

looooove you!


Jacqueline said...

Great outfit Valencia. That cardi definitely works well in this outfit, but I can see it working in many other outfits as well such as over a tank with leggings, etc. It looks pretty versatile to me and I like the longer length. My favorite is your lace top and of course your awesome jewelry! xo

daisymay said...

Lovely out Valencia. Your new work place looks like a fun place! I had a nose on their website and the stuff is lovely! New nokia, strangely I have also been sent one to test, although i can keep mine. Its the X6 though.

Oskar said...

Wonderful jewelleries, but I'm in love with your slip on shoes and the colour of it!

I ought to get myself a pair right now

akaCola said...

Love your outfit...the jacket and your whole color scheme goes so well....

Natalie said...

love all ur jewelry! and those little shoes r so cute :)

♥ Christine said...
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♥ Christine said...

i la la la la love the color of your skirt! :) it's so pretty!

you're so beautiful, did i ever mention that? and i really like your long healthy hair :P

Thank you for the feature <3

Tie Me a Bow

projectvee said...

i love your blog! great outfit too, by the way, the skirt is such a great pop of colour.
ps. check out/follow my blog? :)

Sarah said...

Your accessories never fail to impress me my dear.

And I got a first hand look at them! SO PWETTY THEY ARE! And PRETTIER ARE YOU! XD

Romany said...

You did VERY well, this outfit is so pretty. Very feminine with the lace and high-waist. And of course the cardigan (I'm obsessed with cardigans, I have so many, I think it's becoming unhealthy haha).
Ha that robot is so cute. A little bit creepy, but still cute lol.

Vinda Sonata said...

how are you, valencia? sorry for not being able to keep up with you lately.
anyway, love this post! the whole outfit is perfection. love the layering style!

Diane said...

I love the shoes! And the lace top, cause I'm a lace freak in the bottom of my heart :P

Also, the chain bracelet it's a statement piece, I think it would even look good on itself!


Velire said...

lovely as always valencia :) lvoe your skirt especially. your workplace looks so fun :D and cant wait to hear more on the review of the nokia phone :)

Nana said...

i love the skirt and the accesories<3

michelle_ said...

ahhh you got the N97 mini too !
i got as well :D but it's already returned nowww..haha.. i'll post up a review too soon when I have time..

you wore that cardigan perfectly love ! i love how u added the pin on it.. it makes it look unique..

and the shop u work in seems like a great store to visit ! im loving the atmosphere im seeing ur picts !

princesspolitico said...

i'm in the market for a new camera so your review will be really helpful! can't wait :) in regards to your outfit, i'm really loving the color and cut of your high waist skirt!


Clara said...

amazing amazing amazing colors
i love it!!!

Maria Confer said...

Love this look Valencia Lia!! You always have wonderful splashes of color and amazing accessories.

Lulu Letty

FashionJazz said...

Hey sweets!! Lovely to catch up on all your posts!! Missed ur blog! I ma back, new post up, my lay out is not finished yet, but I cant wait, miss blogging too much! Luv ur outfit as always and where u work! Mwah xxx

Jen said...

awww this is such a fantastic outfit (love the skirt) and i envy all your jewelry! loving the photo location as well.
and i can't wait to read your review on the nokia n97 mini!

Breshna & Rona said...

totally love the colours in your outfit! you look very pretty with your gorgeous hair!

xx Rona & Breshna

michellehendra said...

i love everything abt you baby! i love the skirt so damn much! it's hard to find that color!! :D you have eagle eyes on things! :D

love your accessories and i loveeee your blazer so damn much.. :) great hair, anyway.. :)) the sexy ring!!! :DDDDD


Taylor Sterling said...

yay love the colors! Great flats!!

Emm said...

Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment =)
Yours is lovely, would you like to link exchange?


John Malvin said...

Hey I just found out about your blog and it's great! I'm for sure going to look over your old posts and such.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!
you've got great style :)


apparellel said...

i love the green skirt so much!


Anonymous said...

i love the way you dress!

Ljubica said...

you have the BEST accessories!!
i'm totally jealous of that bracelet with the lock!!!

Phuong said...

Love your amazing outfit! Everything is just perfect ;)

stellectism said...

OMG girl, i totally love your two fingers ring. mind to share where did you get it? :))
super pretty skirt and shoes. totally love them. oooh and those accesories as well!

p.s.:i will surely drop by Hansel once i'm done with all my school works. see you!! <3

thesydneygirl said...

awesome colour blocking! <3