Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flying through the clouds when I thought they were marshmellows

Dress:flea market find
Tights:Gift from sister,h&m
Wedges:Gift from Joelyne

Nothing made my happier than wearing these tights out! Many little kids got staring and pointing,I guess they are saying the same thing,it being too adorable. Many of us got into the craze of heart tights with the mini black hearts,but I'm glad I got this pair with mini red hearts. My sister got them from me from her recent trip back from Hong Kong. Thanks a whole lot girl :)

Thanks for everyone on all their sweet comments regarding the photoshoot pictures and on the blogger contest I'm currently in. I certainly had lots of fun and won't mind doing another one anytime. More photos will be coming up from the photoshoot soon.

This weekend will be so exciting as I have a friend coming to visit and we'll be doing lots of shopping and eating. Will reveal that when it comes closer to the weekend~

I got tagged by Big Daddy to make a list of 10 things that make me happy!

1. Waking up each morning and know that someone loves me
2. Seeing my love and spending time with him
3. Red velvet cakes
4. When the wind is blowing through my hair
5. Huge huge shopping trips
6. Relaxing weekends
7. A house by the seaside
8. Finding gems from thrift stores/flea markets
9. Eating really yummy food
10. The love of my life,my love!


Amanda said...

i really love that yellow jacket you're wearing. where did you get it?



Gi_K. said...

lovely outfit. and fun to read the '10 things that make me happy'


A Decadent Thing said...

i love the yellow blazer. NEVER GIVE IT AWAY. you make it look too good. yum. haha.


Anonymous said...

i love your tights & bight blazer...gorgeous outfit! i love your use of bright colours!


Annie Spandex said...

Those shoes are awesome and that necklace is so cute! x

Leah said...

I love the red hearts on your tights... such a statement piece. xoxo

imane said...

love the jacket !!

cheeky girl

Luna : said...

i didnt notice the hearts on the tights at first, they are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

cute necklace :D

love the outfit!

Castor Pollux

ediot said...

hi dear. nice outfit. dont you just LOVE a pair of cute printed tights? i can never get enough nice printed tights..and how nice is it when strangers approach you and complimenting you! ah- i love that. and especially giving compliments to others- love doing that. everybody gets so happy.

xx ediot


That yellow jacket looks incredible on you. It is the perfect color against your long hair. I love the heart tights in red! xo


JINX said...

i think i've fall'n in love with you blog...


projectvee said...

such cute tights! definitely more unique than the typical ones with black hearts :)

Diane said...

The wedges are great, it's nice to see you in platforms! And so are the tights! :)


Julls said...

Amazing blazer.The color really stands out !

SAUVAGE said...

that yellow blazer really pops against your hair! and I adore your ten things list.

Breshna & Rona said...

you look so funky! I absolutely love your tights and blazer!

raita 2 said...

gosh girl, you are perferct! that outfit is amazing and especially those shoes are stunning <3

those 10 tings made me smile =) i just adore those things too <3


Carmen said...

I love the shoes! They are gorgeous. Amazing blazer, love how yellow it is.


Fashion Therapist said...

I'm loving your yellow blazer and those tights are killer!

Barbro Andersen said...

You look gorgeous :D Love those tight, they're so adorable!

thesydneygirl said...

valencia!! i adore this outfit! amazing. Especially that bright yellow blazer. It's so fitted on you. And I just love those red heart tights. Your sister is so kind. And the 10 things that make you happy are so sweet! big hugs!! mwa x

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

what a great color blazer and I really love your tights! I have not seen the red hearts yet...so cute!!! xoxo

Ljubica said...

great blazer! and list of 10 things that make you happy.. you evoked some really good ones :)
and the pics from the photoshoot yesterday look amazing i can't wait to see the rest!!!

♥ Christine said...

i love the random colorfulness in this outfit :)

Tie Me a Bow

Erica Leigh said...

ohhh i looooove this outfit!! yellow & black is one of my favorite color combos (and i like the little red details). the closeup of the necklace is pretty cool too. how quirky!

so jealous of your heart tights! i'm having trouble finding some over here and have been searching ebay for forever, but i can't seem to find any red heart ones! just black. and my mom totally ruined my black heart tights in the washing machine. sad.

yesss, i can't wait to see more photos from the photoshoot!! the others turned out great.

and before i forget, i have an award for you! :)

♥ erica

denise said...

cuuuuuute heart tights! i didnt see those in H&M!

Nora said...

nice findings for the yellow blazer. i have been searching for bright color blazers but still can't find one.
and those red heart tights is so oh-mazing. envy youu!! =))

Tink in My Closet said...

Our happy triggers are so similar. We would make splendid friends:) Those tights I swoon. Must get me some of those!

princesspolitico said...

those tights are beautiful and i adore the way you wear color – great blazer! :)


Den Lille Motespire said...

love the yellow :P

Anonymous said...

I want your cathchy necklace! Really cute:)