Sunday, August 9, 2009

This is what I've been wanting to share

Surprise surprise !! Ohhh my,I've just gotten this darling yesterday !! Gotten myself a huge present, my new Nikon D60 !

Thought hard about which model to get and finally decided on this :)

Sorry for not putting up a proper post for yesterday and today, but was really tired being out yesterday and I'm now figuring out how to fully use this !

So now,more proper outfit shots coming up and more beautiful photos to come .
A outfit post tomorrow ! It's still a holiday here tomorrow due to National Day today .

Happy birthday Singapore !


yiqin; said...

Def a good investment! hahah though I use canon. But Nikon's def really good :) Can't wait to see your shots <3

Britty said...

this camera is bitching i love it alot lol it take awesome picture
i need a camera of my own

Erica Leigh said...

you got your sexy camera. i'm so happy for you! :D

can't wait to see the new pics you take with it. <3

[and happy birthday, singapore! great reason to have the day off ;)]

Erica Leigh said...

oh, and i forgot to reply to your last comment.

knitting and crocheting are a bit different, but my grandma told me that crocheting is easier.

i wouldn't know. i can't even remember how to knit! haha. but if you want to learn, you should. you could make lots of awesome scarves and stuff.

Skylice said...

congrats for your new camera! haha can't wait to see your new lovely photo ;)

beautifulnemo said...

beautiful camera :) I definitely want to learn photography!

xx from Madrid

Nubiasnonsense said...

I'm jealous! what a cool camera. Nice blog

Valencia Lia said...

YiQin: Many thanks girl ! Did you went to see the fireworks yesterday ??

Skylice:Yes yes ! cannot wait to take more more photos. Snap away ~

Replied the rest of you girls on your blogs !
Thanks <3

chris said...

nice! i love the nikon D60's and can't wait to get mine ;) looking forward to seeing your future shots. remember to keep that thing on manual and turn off the flash .. u can tweak the settings to make the photo work :)

Kim said...

Greaaat! I got also the D60!

I like your blog :)