Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't want to head home so soon

Even this is a fashion blog, I love to share with you all my personal life once in awhile :)

Almost whole day out with my boyfriend !! <3
So sorry for the lack of proper post, but I'm still crazily in love with my new camera !
Trying and learning to work it still,so some photos today were alittle blurry :(

Went to the new shopping centre in town,ION orchard .
Really huge place with many new brands and stores all around
that we felt so lost .

Anyway,headed to Canele to eat cake .
Its so delicious that you'll drool just looking at them .
There was this really cute little boy who keep crawling towards me .
Just so adorable .

Just feasting on every new food at ION .
Their takoyaki balls(japanese octopus with veg balls) were huge.
Bigger than normal ! yum yummy :)

Home sweet home thereafter .

A proper outfit post tomorrow ! Cross my fingers, a promise <3


joanne said...

val you are so gona gain all tt weight back.

Emilie said...

I love how that kid is being pulled out of the photos by his trousers.

Anonymous said...

You look adorable! I agree with Emilie that kid being pulled away is cute.

I like you long black hair. I wanna dye my hair black!

Japanese octupus with veg balls? :O How exactly does it taste like? Is it sweet or salty? From the layers on top it looks like a sweet dessert, is it? Or am I totally off? haha

Big Daddy said...

Your hair is so pretty! Those sweet treats looks so good, days running around town are so fun!

Style Bird said...

Great photos..the food looks yummy!!

Erica Leigh said...

haha don't worry about it!
no such thing as too many comments.

omg you went to a dessert place?? we have a place like that near the school i go to and i always have trouble picking out cakes and end up getting like, 2-3 haha.

they look so good!!

food + fashion = the BEST!

glad you're having fun with your new camera. you'll be a pro soon.


Valencia Lia said...

Joanne: Ahhhhh ! I feel bad but I still eat cos' I love food !
Will try my hardest to excerise,but ohhh well . I will try !!

Erica:Ahhhh,that's great when there's one so near your place.
I have to travel all the way to town to have those sweet treats !

Do agree with you that food and fashion together is THE BEST !

Yea, going to work on my photography skills :)

Replied you girls all on your blogs <3

ShoeBox Gal said...

I'm so happy i came across your blog, its really interesting and you have lovely fashion sense! :)

KAELA said...

Great photos!! haha.. loving that little boy!! so funny.

queengilda said...

oh! canele is that place at shaw centre right?? i remember my sis bringing me there the last time i went back to singapore. somehow we had dinner and dessert and i remember thinking, did i just spend $40!? haha. the desserts were great though!