Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Interview with the lovely Sandra from Niotillfem

Sandra is the force behind the lovely blog Niotillfem. Her style is full of color,life and lots of fun . She's always in bright colors,beautiful dresses and those cute hair pins on her hair . You'll always see her smiling, enjoying with her company of friends !

She loves to travel around,have picnics in the park and puts them down in her blog. Also, both her boyfriend and her loves to take photographs .

I'm not sure if you all have read her blog . But if you've not, you're missing out :) She's one lovely lady.
So happy when she replied and agreed to my short interview/Q&A. Thanks alot Sandra <3

1.Firstly, would you like to do a short introduction about yourself ?
Sandra. 25 very very soon. Love all things cute. Especially bunnyrabbits and roséwine.

2.What have you up to lately ?
Just left new york and now is all about work work work. I work as a copywriter at an advertising agency.

3.How would you describe your personal style ?
Minnie Mouse going out sailing.

4. What inspires you the most ?
Movies. Especially with Catherine Deneuve.

5.You do quite a lot of travelling ? Which countries do you love ?
My fav cities are Paris and New York.

6.What's on your shopping list for upcoming season ?
A fake leopardfur!! I will never find this though.

7.What do you like to photograph most ?(People,scenery,food etc.)
people laughing.

8. Lastly, name 3 things that makes you happy
Love, kisses and beer.

For more of Sandra,visit her blog !!


Anonymous said...

what a cute interview! =)

Erica Leigh said...

thanks for introducing me to her blog! her pictures are adorable.

Valencia Lia said...

Your welcome :) I love her tooo !

Ash Fox said...

love this little interview.

..thank you for dropping by my blog. you have lovely style. i'm adding you to my roll.. keep in touch.



Claradevi said...

how could i never heard about her? thanks for posting this - I'd go check her blog out by now! :)