Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But sir,you're getting in my way

Excuse me for the blurry images*

Mustard blazer:thrifted
White tee:Cotton On
Two finger ring:Local online store

Rushing from place to place today.
After work I had to head over to boyfriend's granny house.
To get one of the computer internet fixed.

And then it was straight to the post office.
To mail out a package to one of my fellow friend and fashion blogger.
And to also collect a package from one of my makeup swaps.
Thank you for extended hours on Wednesdays:)

Makeup swap is something I'm been spending my time on during work.
It saves you some money and at the same time,you get to try new products at no cost!
I do my swaps on
It's a great site with product reviews,forums
and of course the swap section!!

So do check it out :)

Stumbled upon this yellow shouldered blazer at the thrift store.
Happened to be stocking up for the store when I saw this.
I knew I had to have this mustard blazer!

The color is really lovely and didn't realized that it was shouldered .
Till I tried it on.
Like those shouldered tops/dresses/blazers that's going on now.


Zhcsyra hp said...

awwhh,.love ur yellow thrifted blazer and those shoes are cool,.ayyee.,.

stay in touch.,.,


CHICMUSE said...



Victoria-H said...

Yeaaa I'm soooo excited about the killers :D Woho
omg I'm inlove with the yellow blazer !!

michellehendra said...

cool yellow blazer.. i just love it! great and gorgeous


Maggie said...

Love the last picture! You look great! You seem to be busy lately.

Don't you hate it when your computer dies on you?? it's such a pain in the butt!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Love the yellow, Thrifted blazers rock!

You should enter my giveaway sweets =)

Flashes of Style said...

What a great blazer! I love it. :)

Victoria-H said...

Oh hihi thanks :P
Well I've just had it for sucha long time :P I'll see what I do, though ^^

thesydneygirl said...

is your post office times extended on wednesdays!!? that's pretty cool! how awesome that you stumbled upon that awesome yellow blazer! i love it! it fits you PERFECTLY! mwa

Eden said...

can certainly forgive you for the blurry shots-- i love that saffron-hued blazer! as well as that oversized shirt in the prev. post.. glad to have discovered your site gorgeous!

much love


Patty Ann said...

even in the blurry picture, i still love the outfit! effortless chic! mustard yellow is my favorite shade of yellow, ur blazer is such a lucky find!! xx

Patty Ann said...

cute bangs too!! btw, would you like to exchange links? i've already added you to my blogroll!! i love visiting your blog :)

Sher said...

oh that's such a lucky find! I love that the blazer is in bright yellow, such a happy colour:)

p.s. would you like to exchange links?

Mila said...

Awesome blazer!!!!!

Sophia said...

yellow blazer = BIG YES.