Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A bottle of love seeds for you in my hands

Oversized tee:Cotton On
Grey Circle Scarf:American Apparel
Extra Long leggings:Topshop
Accessories:all vintage
Canvas shoes:Cotton On

Dinner with Carrie today at Serangoon Gardens.
Long lost friend and finally has time to catch up after so long.
No pictures as she said only photos with makeup is allowed .
Ohhhh well ..

Was really not into too dressy for today's outfit . So it's really basics all put together .
I love simplicity at times because it's always so comfortable .
But even though, accessories is still a must for any outfit !

Photos are still not as clear . I'm getting a little sad . HAHAHA
Working the camera all day long .
Guess I'll have to keep learning and be paitent .

Thought I was too lazy to post today, but my sister urged me to . And a huge thank you to her for the photos today :)

Nightshoot for the first time :)


WildFlower said...

great neck piece, that looks like it would be really handy. and im diggin your wrist jewels too!

Melissa~ said...

Cool ring!
PS: I bought my umbrella in a second hand store.

Thanks for visit my blog!

Anonymous said...

Leggings are the best when being comfortable!

Valencia Lia said...

Melissa:Thanks !! Yes, I love your umbrella <3 Still cant stop staring at it :)

Maggie: I totally agree ! I love leggings that I almost wear them everyday :) Jeans are a no no for me

oriwa said...

i love simplicity!
beautiful lines and shapes with this outfit!
x oriwa editorial

Anonymous said...


~wai teng wahahhahahaaaa

Erica Leigh said...

"No pictures as she said only photos with makeup is allowed".

lol! aww. at least you got to catch up. i can't wait to see my college friends again soon. they all live so far away.

don't worry,
you'll get the hang of your new camera soon! (except, i got a new camera in june and i still haven't gotten the hang of it, so don't listen to me lol).

Valencia Lia said...

Wai Teng: Ahhhhhhh you're here girl :))

Thank you thank you . meet up soon yea