Sunday, August 23, 2009

A picture captures a million things

That's what came in the package for me :)Me looking blur.
Sister and I.
Waiting for the train. That's my granny,beside my sister !
(vintage ralph lauren shirt,bike shorts,canvas shoes,$2 value canvas bag)

Early morning today,woke up to prep myself.
Because we were all heading out to have brunch with my granny.

She's the sweetest person you'll ever know
And always treats me really nice.
We headed for real good japanese food at Vivo City.

It's said to date the biggest shopping mall that we have here.
But I guess there are more bigger malls in upcoming years.

Thanks to my sister for taking most of the photos today :) And my boyfriend too <3
Boyfriend and I kept making fun of each other and he gave me a piggy back ride.
Awwww,so sweet of him.

One meal down, heading off in about 2 hours for crab !
Heard its the best in the country !


joanne said...

oooh i know where you bought tt from. saw it at a local blogshop. haha

KAELA said...

Awww fabulous photographs! Very fun and candid!
Your nail polish is gorgeous! I love bright matter colours... it's motivating me to grow my nails longer! haha I struggle.
Love the chain bracelet :)

x kaela

KAELA said...

matte* just had to correct that!

haha.. i'm a freak.

Valencia Lia said...

Kaela:Thanks alot girl ! Reading your comments always make me smile :)

I love the new purple I bought . its from OPI

Erica Leigh said...

aww these pictures are just too cute! looks like you had a lot of fun with your granny, sis & bf.

that bracelet/ring (what do you call it??) is very cool. <3

Erica Leigh said...

did i ever mention that jumping pictures are my favorite?? they're the most fun to do (but i haven't done one in a while! haha) <3

Patty Ann said...

That's some serious hardware there!! You and your sister are so cute! xx

Anonymous said...

i love that canvas bag.i have been finding for one for like the longest time.where did u buy it from?