Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lay in the fields and gaze at the rainbow above

Vintage blazer:ebay.com
Scarf:Alexander Mcqueen,borrowed from sister
Matte leggings:Supre
Canvas shoes:Cotton On
Vintage bag:vintage(to buy,visit the store)

Rushed down after work to Salvation Army to meet Jo :)
to grab stuff for the upcoming collection for our store

Do head down and take a look !

The vintage blazer was from ebay early this year,but I could not remember which store . Had to wear a scarf to prevent everything inside from spilling out . Oops

So 1st photoshoot today at the fields with Joanne and I .
Thanks alot Jo for helping me with the pictures !
Photos turned out great :)
Woooo, I've always loved how poladroids looked .

So hence,all the photos were edited today to that setting :)
Ohhh any tips for focusing photos better ? Still learning how to do it well .


Maverick Malone said...

Awesome photos!! Love them :D

xox, mavi

kirstyb said...

i love that jacket and bag! xoxox

Valerie.Y said...

Your little sister is totally willing to be your photographer :(

Let me have a go at your cam please.
I'm beyond heartbroken, and you know my dream! :(

yiqin; said...

Try auto focusing? I think it's pretty good for first timer alr :D

joanne said...

haha np.
You suck at taking pics for me.

Melissa~ said...

I love your blazer!
and the photos are cool!

Valencia Lia said...

Valerie:Yes yes,you can help me take photos !
But please come back home earlier on weekdays so can take photos !

Jo:wahhhh,how can you say that ! I'm still learning :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

Love the polaroids and action pic. I'm jealous of your blazer! The bag is very chic

joanne said...

why cannot? haha
the shots i took of you so much better. haha

Lauren said...

These look so amazing! The vintage blazer suits you to a teeee.

x x x

KAELA said...

Lovely photographs! :)


Anonymous said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS!! The last one is TYTE! :O

Erica Leigh said...

aww i'm 3 posts behind with your blog!! my wireless internet's been stupid lately and i haven't been able to check/update anything (except through my parent's computer. hopefully the wireless will come back soon!!).

omg i love that blazer! i wish it was cold again so i could wear all my jackets and blazers too.

polaroids always come out so cute. i used to have one of those mini sticker ones, but they don't make the film anymore. <3