Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picnic by the seaside

Shirt:Ralph Lauren,dad's old shirt
Extra long leggings:Topshop
Scarf:Alexander Mcqueen
Boots:vintage,vintage store in town
Accessories:all vintage

I would love to go for a picnic soon !
With small teacups,a slice of blurberry cheesecake and some wine would be splendid :)
And just watch the trees sway in the breeze . Who's with me ?

Stole something else from dad's closet again . But it's mine now :)
A old ralph lauren plaid shirt . Ohhh about the boots,bought it when it was the closing sales for one of the vintage stores .Sad to see them go .

Received my pay slip today, so means I've lots of things on my shoppng list . Eyeing on some new shoes and accessories. Plus my ASOS package has yet to arrive :(

I'm just so excited about this weekend . Shhhh, not telling till I get it to my hands. Some of you might already know . heeeee


alyssa said...
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Bigdaddy said...

Love the pattern mix here, wish i was going on a picnic!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

I haven't gone on a picnic in years! lol

Emilie said...

LOVE those boots!
Thanks for linking me, your blog is really cool. I'm also linking you, and not just because you linked me first. AND you have super hair.


Valencia Lia said...

Bigdaddy: thanks ! I badly want to go on a picnic :)

Maggie:Thanks <3 you should go for a picnic ! To just sit and relax

Emilie: I've replied you on your blog <3

Barbro Andersen said...

Oh, you look so cute!

Re: I take my own pictures, I use a timer :) Thank you for commenting!

Style Bird said...

I LOVE the boots!!

Valencia Lia said...

Barbro: Thanks !! Cool,your photos are always beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

I love the faux ysl shirt you're wearing in the previous post. And your picnic basket is sooo adorable1 I want one1 =)

Valerie.Y said...

EH MY SCARF. Oh hor you take never tell me!

Erica Leigh said...

a picnic sounds like a lot of fun!! and cheesecake?? oh god. i want some now.

ahhh i love plaid shirts. and those boots are so cool! i have yet to get a pair of cowboy boots.

i like your new poses haha! i'm not very creative when it comes to posing. maybe i'll try next time.