Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday breakfast in bed

Finally,blogger is working. This was supposed to be for yesterday. Part 2 of my post(for today's outfit) coming up this evening.

Caught G.I Joe and it was damn !!

Awesome full of action packed the whole time.

Outfit is a repeat of the same shorts from mango.
One of my favourite because it's really comfortable and I love high-waisted stuff.

My contributor post on itsdesignrelated is up. First post is called Street Style faves. Do check it out !

Ohh yes, and this is my first blog award . My dear fellow blogger from Indonesia, Claradevi of Sunflares Plethora gave me a Lemonade Stand award,a special awards for newly discovered blog.
Thanks alot girl !
Award you back girl, you totally deserve it !

I'm relatively new, only about a month old. So I'll love to pass the special award along to fellow favourite bloggers that I'm glad to have found:

Plus plus, I've just received another award from the amazing Style Bird just a few hours ago . Thanks alot girl,you're so sweet !

I must give this award to 10 bloggers and list 10 facts about myself.
I am giving this award to..

10 random facts
1.I cannot buy myself egg tarts to eat. Another person has to buy them then only I'll eat. Don't ask why
2.I have total of 10 piercings on both ears. 6 on my left, 5 on my right.
3.I must have my mobile phone beside me at all times,even when I'm sleeping.
4.I aspire to be a fashion stylist/fashion writer/copywriter and many others . haaaa
5.I wear a size eur 39/US 8 for most of my shoes.
6.I have no favourite color.
7.I'm a really light sleeper.Wake up at the slightest sound.
8.I have a dog at home whose name is dollar!(named by previous owner)
9.I'm left handed.
10.I love anything vintage and love thrift shopping.


Nubiasnonsense said...

Hey girl congrats on your award. Nice pics!

LACY said...

awww you are too sweet and your blog totally deserves an award, you have not only awesome fashion sense but really fun and interesting posts! :)


Valencia Lia said...

Lacy: Awww,many thanks girl ! You make me smile :)

Britty said...

you do deserve it girl proud of you =]
really thanks i didnt know you like my blog lol thanks

Erica Leigh said...


thanks for the blog awards. that's so sweet! i'll put them in my next post.

i love high-waisted things now, too! i used to be a bit skeptical and thought they'd look funny on me, but now i just want to buy a bunch of high-waisted skirts and shorts.

degrassi is this silly canadian teen soap that i've been watching since i was like 13 or so. i've been watching for so long and seen the characters grow up that i can't not watch it anymore, you know?? haha. it's cheesy and they talk about teen issues in every episode, but i love it so much i don't care.

ooo we could do a mystery swap. you want to do makeup/jewelry/other small things?? maybe a couple of clothes too or something?


p.s. omg! we're the same shoe size! maybe we could swap a pair or two!

Martine said...

Cute hair!!
you look sweet

Big Daddy said...

Thanks girl, i'll be sure to do it on mine too!

camerafilmroll said...

Thank you for the award dear! (:

Petite Esth├Ęte said...

thank you so much for the award! i'm completely honored and blushing :)