Friday, March 25, 2011

Born in the arms of imaginary friends

Dress:Topshop, Earrings:Gift from Stella, Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins

This was taken back in Sydney when we were prepping to head out for dinner at Pancakes on the Rocks. I had gone to shave off more hair on the side of my head and wearing it out. How does it feel you might say having an undercut? You feel lighter on one side of your head and cooler. A good thing sometimes I must say. I have good news to share with everyone but not so fast now. Something personal but joyous~

Anyhow, before you unwind for the weekend.. Be sure to check out and take part in my good friend, Sarah's 'THE GREAT PANCAKE CHALLENGE' ! Starting cooking away~ 
Click here for more details.

Credits:Sarah's Loft


ediot said...

you look absolutely amazing girl. love the dress and the make-up.
wish you a great weekend dear


Meritxell said...

oooh the dress is so romantic. And the hair amazing girl I can't make me this!!


Melanie said...

Your hair is awesome! I would love to take the plunge and shave one side but I'm too much of a wimp! Fab dress x

Melissa~ said...

I love your new hairstyle, I don't know if it is new, but this is the first time that I saw it xD
Gorgeous dress. Very cute.

Thanks for your comment.


Carmen said...

Such a cute dress, you hair looks amazing!!

Carmen Ri.

Miri said...

Gorgeous dress :)

The pancake challenge sounds yummie :D


Angela Joy said...

Geez your hair is cool.

denise said...

duuuuuuuuuuuuude you so cool

Jennyboo said...

You are wearing my dream dress for the Spring. Really- it is quite perfect in every way. The color, the detailing, the sleeves. Swoon! xoxo

Iulia Romana said...

Hello dear ! Long time no see :)
I love your new haircut and I love how you balance the feminine style with the semi-masculine haircut.

Great job dear >:D<

The smallest girl in town. said...

Thanks for your comment! Your dress is so cute! :)

Love x

original seed said...

looookin peng

Diana Smith said...

Those earrings you are wearing are HOT!!

Livy Love

Imogen said...

I love your dress and the earings are beautiful. You are so brave to go for the undercut, I can see it is becoming stylish and more popular with the bloggers.

michelle_ said...

okay that pancake is DROOLING MEEE LIKE CRAZZYYYY !!!
i love ur shaved do as always :)

glisters and blisters

ediot said...

was is a long time ago you bought that dress? still so in love with it!
wish you a great week

Niviarsiaq said...

Ugh. LOVE your hair so much!! I've wanted to do that with mine forever! and the dress? amazing.

yeah- spring break is going to be soooo fun! I'm following your adventures on twitter and your trips always sound perfect :)

Wild Flower said...

That's so cool you got to go to Sydney! How long were you in Aussie for? Your looking fab girl and the dress is really beautiful, great lace details x

Tonya said...

Bad ass! You pull of the hairstyle so well!!
And I love your dress!

Les belles en jupe said...

Love your outfit ! I've put it on my blog as my favourite outfit of the day !

Melly Mel said...

love your dress!!!!

Irene Wibowo said...

love the dress! ;)

Love Simple Green

Olya Baileys - fashion kuraga said...

wow!)) very cool hairstyle!