Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Away into the woods~

Picture 1: Awesome Thai food at Pattaya house(since moved away)
Picture 2: View of my room with new curtains
Picture 3: Fireworks from Chingay Festival 2011
Picture 4: A day trip with family in Malaysia
Picture 5: Dedicated to my boyfriend
Picture 6: Cool vintage car I saw over the last weekend
Picture 7: Goofing around

While I was gone, I've neglected my camera and I feel so bad for that. That's when my iPhone came in and and I took tons of photos with it. Just want to share with you all a few I took during the past few months.

Also to share with everyone about Tobi.com. It's such an amazing site that has so many gorgeous clothes! Plus there's a 20% discount when you use the code 'SLEEVE20'. Here are some of my favourites:


amalie said...

cute pictures! love that old beatle car, and the food looks delicious.
those two last dresses are gorgeous!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

The food looks so delicious!

ediot said...

sweet post. love these photos. and the pieces are soooo wonderful. need that wang toga dress as well as acne one.. Y U M

Alison said...

Ok that food picture is making me really hungry... and gorgeous clothes especially the alexander wang one!

<3 Alison

Veronica said...

I'm in love with the pics!
So wonderful!
Follow me?I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!


Céline K.G said...

Aha, i looove this mini dress & necklace.

xoxo, Céline

michelle_ said...

ahhh you got tobi up as well :)
i love your polaroids there ! the fireworks are nice :)

thanks for stopping by at my blog !
glisters and blisters

She's Dressing Up said...

The food looks amazing! Great photos :)

thesydneygirl said...

hahahaha loooove that last photo of you!!! not long before you're in sydney woooohooooo

the sydney girl

Veren Lee said...

I love the dress! You look cute and chic :)

p.s : I linked your blog on my blog. could you please link me back? thanks :D


It's so cute you dedicated the 'love of my life' in picture 5 to your baby! :d

And thank you dear! Haha, no, I wasn't dressing up for a party, in fact I was staying home all day and wanted to do something fun and summerslike (is that even a correct word?) It's so cold here :(