Monday, January 25, 2010

Running along the railway track for questions unanswered

Dress & bag:vintage
Accessories:random/flea finds
Umbrella:Random one from home

Such a relief today as I finally tendered my resignation letter at work and I will be leaving the current job in one month's time. Never felt like this before,just like throwing a heavy rock behind you down the cliff.I can't wait to know what are the upcoming things installed for me in the next few months. Life is so exciting at times and you just love it!

But other times,if doesn't feel as good. I went for an interview today and I did well. It was for a local vintage store. I know what you all are thinking,I should just say yes right away.
The problem is the lady boss is asking if I would stay in it as a long term job. As in like many years,that is something I cannot say yes right to. She explained to me nicely that its hard and waste of effort to train someone up and then the person just walks away like that. I really do need to think through on it,but still the job hunting continues as well.

These days,I want colors in my everyday outfit. Guess who stole the limelight today? The umbrella of course! The bright colors makes me feel like running in the fields and have a picnic right under the huge tree. So sorry that I've again been missing out on blogs and comments,trying to squeeze time for myself as well to do other things like heading to the flea market on Sunday. The green stone ring and floral bangle are among my flea finds!

Also,you'll realized that I actually blog 5 times a week now. It wouldn't be any lesser for certain as I give myself two days off from blogging a week. But of course,if I can I will surely post more than what I have set for myself.


Striped Shirts said...

The outfit is really nice!!

V said...

i love the quality of the 4th photo, it looks like it was taken on a disposable camera.

do you live somewhere warm? i miss not having to wear hosiery and boots everyday.. oh how i long for summer.


Shantee said...

omg i love your dress so much! and its really cool how u edited your pictures to make it look old school :D

ohh, if u ever do work in that vintage store. i want a heads up in all the pretty vintage pieces :p

F i K a said... will quit from your current job next month? I do really hope that you'll find a job you love soon!! and I'm sure you'll find it ;)

and whaaaa..i do really really really loooove your dress val!! it looks really great on youu!! I like the skirt part of the dress actually :)..

5 times a week is just great!! I think I only can blog once a week now :((..


ru.kurarin said...

you look fabulous. is it for deja vu vintage? best of luck my dear.


such a cool and sweet lady!
I love your rings and accessories so much, this belt is awesome!!!!



Shop T.O. Live said...

I think it was great that you were honest about your long term prospects - many people would just lie in order to get the job.

Good luck with the search.

Anonymous said...

i love polka dots!

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful dress and your hair is gorgeous Michelle =) xo

A N A S T A S Y A said...

the red nail match with your rings is HOT

Julls said...

The dress and the rings are so lovely !

Vinda Sonata said...

i really like the vintage feel of this outfit, and the festive umbrella screams lots of "fun!". you always have the coolest accessories. i wish i have as many rings as you! :)

hope you find a perfect job soon, valencia. i really wish you good luck for everything! :)

princesspolitico said...

love the flash of cherry red on your nails! it works perfectly with your lady-like vintage inspired outfit.


Melissa~ said...

as always, I love your jewelry.
And that dress is so cool.


ediot said...

you fooled me with that nice hair ;)

but but but!! its bad luck to wear an umbrella inside!! hope youre doing great now ;) haha no im not superstitious. i dont care for things like that- more meant as a joke.. adore that outfit. cute dress.
what do you want to work with- and oh what did you quit?

xx ediot

FashionHippieLoves said...

your dress is so cute!!


Diane said...

Hy! You look so fab in the third picture, it's like a pro photo ;)
And the floral bracelet is so pretty!

Good luck in your decision concerning work!

Have a fun day


MJ said...

Looking super cool as always - and I'm so happy for you resigning! Here's to better things!

Ljubica said...

that sounds like so much fun to work in a vintage store, but i know what you mean about making a long term commitment, it's smart to think things through before agreeing to it.
this dress is beautiful and i really love the vintage/aged quality of the photos in this post!

HoneyBunny said...

Good luck with looking for a job dear! I'm looking for a new one too;)

Oh, and you look so so lovely! That dress looks gorgeous on you<3

Anonymous said...

I wish the best in this new transition you are about to embark! I bet you will find something awesome soon enough something always better awaits us!

I love the dress! Very Chic!

Clara said...

amazing look.
your hair is beautiful.

S said...

Lovely earrings!


Ana said...

i really like those photos that look vinatge-all scratched up and what not. you have lovely hair btw

Phyllis said...

love the dress, cute photos! i never realized how long your hair is!

Anonymous said...

omg why are you so pretty :D
it's so very vintage. and you have really pretty hair!

daisymay said...

I love the cute dress! Finished the shopping for your parcel today!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! i love how you accessorize your outfits !!

Erica Leigh said...


yay, i'm so happy that you're moving on from your current job. i know how much you don't like it. yeah, i'm having issues job-searching too, because it's hard to find a temporary/short-term job that you actually enjoy! so keep your head up, i'm sure you'll find something that suits you.

ahhhh i love that umbrella so much! i really want a colorful one (like the bubble one in that one post i did). i have a cute one, but i think i could use a cuter one.

can't wait to get my opi nail polish so i can try the new colors!

loooove you!


ANN said...

I love your rings :)

stellectism said...

really hope that you can settle with the job that you have most interest in, dear! all the best for you <3 the dress fits perfectly nice! so vintage! i love the polkadot pattern. we shall meet up soon okay :) !

Joellen said...

I am so envious of your hair!

heart charlie said...

Cute outfit! I love the black and white dress with the red nails, super cute ;)

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit hun!! Good Luck with everything, thinking of u and I know you will find the right job : ) I managed to make my pics bigger and my google icon seems to be working too : ) xx

fadetoblack said...

wonderful outfit and good luck with the vintage store job :)

Ill email you about the clutch :)

Anonymous said...

love the belt and loove your accessories as always. ;)

nuheila said...

So nice pictures and i love your dress and earings!So cute:)

Have a fab week!


KATIA said...

This dress looks lovely on you and that belt is a perfect match :) I'm glad you feel good about quitting your job, I'm sure you'll find one that you love soon enough :) Good luck on your searches!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Good luck to your job hunting sweety! You look fabulous in that dress!

michelle_ said...

yep i do realize you're blogging times a week . its okay to blog less you know :D i mean we all have our lives to attend . well at least until we become full time bloggers (ahem jane aldridge) then its fine for us to not update for awhile :D
i've gone not updating my blog for like almost a week ! hahaha..

cute umbrella :D
lucky it didnt rain when I went to spore last weekend.. cant believe one week since i flew to singapore already passed.. time goes sooo fast when you're having fun..

Erika Melisa said...

Now I know why my post aren't here, LOL i totally forgot I changed my pw. God. noob. Neway love this look as well! gorgeous!

Mog said...

I don't really like the umbrella but the dress is quite funny, it reminds me of 50s movies!