Friday, January 29, 2010

Peace overwhelms me with your sweet embrace

Navy one piece:American Apparel
Plastic frames:online

Don't you just love it when the weekend is here?
You get to rest and enjoy the things you would love to do and spend time with your loved ones.My weekend this week has been more or less planned,I'll be staying home tomorrow the whole day to catch back on everyone's blog and comments. Oh my,how behind am I now but I know it's alright.To also squeeze in some shopping too.

Today,this surely screams a simple yet classic vintage look. These glasses(with no lens) I'm wearing were some cheap plastic ones I found online one day and got them. When I wear them out,people do keep staring as you can poke your fingers through it. People can be so
weird sometimes. Oh,I didn't notice that the buckle behind my skirt had came loose until I wore my skirt,I laugh at myself sometimes with moments like this.

Thanks so much to Lauren of Lauren Loves who did a feature on me recently on her blog for Style Files. So happy and she is so sweet,do check it out here.

Also,Jessica tagged me recently for 'Sportsgirl Hearts' tag!

So here are some questions I have to answer and to pass it on to three of my favorite bloggers.

What are you wearing right now?
Now this exact moment,I'm in a old tshirt and a pair of black shorts.

Post a picture that means "summer" to you.

What tracks are essential on your summer playlist?
I'm not super up to date on music right now,but here goes.

Lady Gaga-Bad Romance
Lovers Electric-Could This Be
Beyonce-Upgrade U(Feat. Jay-Z)
Beastie Boys-Shake Your Rump
The Get Up Kids-Ten Minutes

What's your fave piece of clothing from the Sportsgirl summer collections?
The Kate Leaf Tea dress is just perfect for sunny days. Sorry I couldn't get a picture of it.

Describe your perfect summer.
A day in the park or just sit down people watching with my loved one. We will sip on tea and red velvet cupcakes.

As for my three favorite bloggers to pass this along to,I will be emailing you three shortly. Check your emails.


Karin said...

Love the skirt. And about those people staring: I can imagine you are a person people notice when they walk past you in the streets. I am sure you should consider it as a compliment.

ediot said...

hi dearl cute outfit as always. love the old fashioned skirt with the cute top. always love deep necklines in the back. and the summer picture is amazing. have an great weekend. xx ediot

stellectism said...

i totally in love with your low-scope top! gorgeous. i don't know why but i found these shoots very beautiful. you look so elegant! <33

Kaireen Low said...

Hi dear. i have updated the vintage section for items going mainly for $14 so head over to the site to check them out :)

thanks !

Diane said...

such a fabulous look! love it!

A N A S T A S Y A said...

love the back side at most!

Anonymous said...

I love the interview and the outfit is too cute!

Julls said...

Adorable outfit:) Love how it looks from the back :D

And the interview is very cute !

betz said...

hey sexy back! this outfit is so gorgeous Valencia. you look stunning as always!


Anonymous said...

I love your thrifted skirt! Actually your whole outfit! Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful look my dear! I love the open back of the shirt, it adds such a sexiness to a conservative outfit.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Talk soon!

Much love,

Delmy said...

Supercute. I love it!


I adore this look, so classy!
and this skirt is fantastic!

Kiki said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love it!

You always wear the most amazing clothes. Jealous!

-Kiki xo

simonesays said...

All of this combined just makes for an amazing outfit.

Carol said...


M. said...

love the scoop neck back <3

lovelove, M.

Shop T.O. Live said...

The glasses are out of this world - love it!

fadetoblack said...

i looooooove the old look of the photos and the outfit is super cute!!

Violet said...

ahhh the second photo is my favorite

that skirt is so lovely

Vi from Cali

Flashes of Style said...

I looove your pencil skirt! So cute :)

V said...

photo 4 is perfect. all are so lovely.

xo v

Jen said...

this has got to be one of my favorite outfits of yours! the low back of your top is so subtly sexy and that pencil skirt fits you perfectly. so simple and chic. :) love that "summer" picture. i'm craving warmer weather!

Erika Melisa said...

Love this look especially. Looking good!

Diane said...

Hy! I was looking at your pictures and thinking: mm...this is a classic look...and then: bang!, the back! Looks great from behind, such a great idea with this top piece! :P

Anyway, congrats on your award and have a super fun weekend!


MJ said...

I really need to get hold of one of those U-neck dresses! Looks awesome on you :)

Diane said...

I've just tagged you on my blog :D

Go check it out!


Big Daddy said...

Love this secretary chic outfit with the pencil skirt. Not many can pull off a pencil skirt, but you can!
Wish it was summer here!

Ljubica said...

i really think you look amazing in these pics!
that skirt is amazING!
congratulations on the feature!

Leproust Vintage said...

I just love that skirt paired with the ballerina pretty!

Lauren Loves... said...

Aww thanks so much for the lovely mention, you're such a sweetheart.
Your outfits are so cool, you always look brill.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Lauren xx

Mila said...

wow you look amazing,hun!
Love the skirt!

t a l i s h a said...

you look stunning and so ladylike.. what did you use for the vintage effect on those photos anyway??

ps: check out my giveaway here.

thanks! :)


Lilee▲ said...

pretty skirt! what program do you use to edit your photos?

fhen said...

love this vintage look and your glasses is uber cool!
hope can meet you and the rest again next time
probably we can go for some cullinary day haha


Anonymous said...

the back of that top is hott! I like. Yeah, I hate it when people stare but what makes things better is either having a friend to talk to, or listening to some music and totally ignoring those people! Sometimes I just think to myself, I rather people stare because I look different rather than no one staring because I blend into the background.

Jes said...

You look amazing in this style. Love! Cute dress choice too!

Mog said...

I like your oldschool skirt!

Vinda Sonata said...

nice outfit, valencia. this look kinda remind me of pandora's style. those glasses look real good on you! i really like the editing, too. how did you do it? :)

congratulations for the feature and i really like the picture of your choice about "summer". insane hair!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit soooo much!!! Wow, on e of my favs, u look beautiful!!! Hope u had a good wknd! xx

thingsIlove said...

Great outfit, very feminine!