Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Never take a step back when the tides are changing

Please excuse the tag hanging from the beret,its still new~

Mustard shouldered blazer:vintage,thrifted
Inner navy top:online store
Bandage skirt and heels:Topshop
Tie dye scarf(inVESTment piece):Swap with Michelle of Glisters and Blisters
Beret:gift,borrowed from sister

Really sorry I couldn't blog an outfit yesterday as I met up with my love and we had supper till pretty late. All I could think about when I got home was to sleep. Surely full speed up ahead this week. Huge thank you to everyone for your encouragement on me finding a new job. I feel really touched and so motivated to keep hunting for the right one!

Colors was all that was running through my mind today. But of course not an outburst of colors,if not I would be too over done.Putting on the beret makes me feel as if I'm in Paris. It's surely a place I will have to visit someday. Filled with all the tall buildings and the Eiffel tower of course,so romantic.

Recent purchases I made and finally took photos today to share with everyone. My new OPI nail color came today and it's from the latest Alice in Wonderland collection. I got 'Off with Her Red' and its so beautiful. The red is really intense and I love rich colors like this. But now,I guess I need to purchase the rest of the collection as it is a must-buy for me I feel.
Minnetonka moccasins do you see? I picked out the one in the brown suede and I really cannot wait to wear them out. But its for next month's Chinese New Year and oh my it's hard to resist not looking at these beauties. Oh,for those who are lost.
Chinese New Year is a yearly celebration that we Chinese have. A New Year and we younger ones get red packets with money in them from family and relatives. Lots lots of yummy food too!

Last day to enter the Heel Candies-One for you,One for me competition! Do send in your entries if you have not done so. Attractive prizes waiting for one lucky person~


Shantee said...

ooo am i the first? lol
anyway i loveee your mustard blazer! i wish i could find a similar one to add to my blazer collection lol
and love the color of that beret. :)

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur combination of colours hun and all your purchases!! Mwah xx

Erika Melisa said...

Love the mustard with the bright blue! and the nail polish colour is the bomb!
and you look awesome in berets. maybe you should make that part of ur daily outfits.=))

Anonymous said...

oouchh i love your moccasins! its pretty! *im drooling* :9

V said...

yessss the mustard blazer is back. i love it.

Jes said...

In love with those moccasins sweet. Sooo good!

cleo said...

i love your outfit:)))so colorful..
i bought the same moccasins yesterday:))

Sophie Carmo said...

Don't worry! I love your moccasins and your foulard...Muakssss

princesspolitico said...

your moccasins are too cool! love the combination between sky blue and mustard yellow. this is my favorite outfit of yours thus far :)


Noelle Chantal said...

i like the pop of colors in this outfit. the blue and the mustard really look so good in this ensemble. i esp like the tie dye scarf! makes the entire outfit a lot interesting! will def wear something like this. :)

and i love the Indian inspired flats you have. interesting shoes! :)

lisa + cathy said...

i wanna take your beret. its one of my favourite colourrrrrrrrs

ru.kurarin said...

ahh i love the colours and those gorgeous shoes.

i'm looking for non-sales jobs as i feel very insecure with commission based jobs!

A N A S T A S Y A said...

I love the mustard color on your blazer. It's not easy to find this color on great piece like that, esp it's thrifted!!

Constança said...

Great Style!! I love that yellow jacket!!


Annachiara said...'re very very woonderfull...looove you always...lovely shoes!!! I'm sad because you don't read my post... :-( :-( Kisses*

Sher said...

I think you look darling with the beret and I'm sure someday you will see the Eiffel Tower and walk the streets of Paris with your love!

Love how you're on a colour rampage, and the new nail polish shade is vampy!

And your mocassins are so luscious! Makes me wanna get a pair too:)


Jacqueline said...

Valencia, you make that mustard yellow blazer look amazing. I love how you paired it with a blue beret, plus the blue tie dye scarf. It really goes together and I would have never thought of the combo. I love your new moccasins, so adorable. I can't wait for you to model that nail color on your pretty fingers! I love to hear reviews on different OPI shades so I know which ones to buy! xoxo


Love the scarf and the blazer! genius mix!!!

M. said...

so cute!!! I love the pops of bright colors I love the yellow blazer <3

lovelove, M.

Nana said...

i love the colours<3
i mean they're so full of life
especialy the hat
love it!

Dylana said...

That blazer is such a fab color! And I used to have those exact Minnetonka Moccasins and I wore them so so much that they literally fell apart and I was forced to throw them away! I need a new pair seriously!

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice outfit!! Still love that tie-dye scarf and your new moccasins are gorgeous!! I also saw the Alice in Wonderland OPI colours, and the one you've picked is definitely my favourite too!! You should take a photo of your nails while wearing that colour, I'm curious :)

Love the new header by the way!!

Melissa~ said...

Chinese new year sounds so fun, I love celebrations.
Your new nailpolish is gorgeous!! I don't have OPI in my town.
Love the color of your blazer.

Kisses valencia!!

Anonymous said...

I really love the mustard jacket. very vintage, and the moccasins are hot! i love them.

Heather said...

the nail polish is awesome! you have the best collection of OPI! I think the red looks so cool with blue as a bit of a sailoe look xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments Lia. :)

I love the mustard jacket!! Not too many people own that color!

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I love the bright blue and yellow!! Another outfit that makes me happy.

Oh, how I miss my minnetonka mocs. Must buy a new pair.

Lulu Letty

Anonymous said...

great look! love how you played with vibrant colours

fadetoblack said...

ooo i loooove that blazer soooo awesome!
and yes beacons closet is the best!
you should def go next time you are in the area!!

candybox said...

Valenciaaaa!! :) I've been blogging, be proud!

You look super cute with all the bright colors!!


Erica Leigh said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE blue & yellow together! especially the shades you chose because they're super bright!!

oooo you got the new OPI nail polish. i'm absolutelu obsessed with the new alice & wonderland colors. urban decay even has a new palette out with colors inspired by the movie and i want it sooo bad. and ALL those nail polish colors! agh. so much for trying to save money. ;[

excited for chinese new year, huh? lucky you--you'll get those cute little red envelopes! i wish filipinos celebrated that too!


Leah said...

That's a fabulous color... so intense.

So you really wear new stuff for the Chinese New Year?

I love the color of your outfit Valencia, the blue beret is such a statement piece. xoxo

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love your blazer!

Diane said...

Hy! The scarf from Michelle looks amazing, you wouldn't say is dye, looks amazing! And the way you combined it is so chic, really Parisian :P. France is a lovely country!

You also have an award on my page :)

Have a fun day!


Ljubica said...

love those moccasins!! i can't wait to see outfits with them :)
and can we talk about this outfit.. gorgeous!
such great pieces, love scarf and blazer and that beret just tops it off!

Sooo L.A. said...

I love this outfit Valencia!!! Soo cute and colorful! The yellow blazer is still one of my favorites....


daisymay said...

loving the brightly coloured outfit!! Bought you a few things today!! Yay excited about the swap!

EVA D. said...

loooove your tie dye scarf! making one myself is on my to do-list NOW haha

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Gorgeous. Love the beret and the colours. I need to get myself some mocassins.

Ana said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE that blazer. the whole look is just fabb. i love your blog

shae acopian detar said...

I adore those moccasins and the french beret, that color is fantastic! You are too too cute.
shae acopian detar

Tink in My Closet said...

You are the queen of colours and killer heels!