Friday, January 22, 2010

Nike Sportswear Presents: The N98 Jacket for Spring 2010

Outfits will be back tomorrow.
Today,I'm sharing and featuring the new N98 jacket From Nike.

Recently, Nike Sportswear paid homage to the 1998 Brazil
National Team with the N98 Track Jacket. An innovative fusion of fashion and sports, the N98's design takes off from the
debut Brazilian team kit by Nike and is set to be the signature piece for Spring 2010.

FROM MEDAL STANDS TO THE STREET Inspired by a match that moved the world, the N98 Track Jacket stands for “National 1998,” notably paying tribute to the1998 Brazilian National Team. The N98 design takes off from the debut Brazilian team kit by Nike, tapping the classic zip-front track jacket’s deep heritage as a
true icon of sport style. The Nike Sportswear team has made it a signature piece for spring, integrating it throughout the line, including creating a premium version for NSW Collection with Gore Windstopper fabric, laser-cut bonded RiRi zippers and reflective film across the back piping.

The N98 Jacket is done to perfection with every detail. Right down to the double knit fabric,the fitted shoulders,I'm impressed with it.A good jacket goes a long way and something that has quality and right style to it is what we have long been searching for.
I would surely want to purchase a jacket like this when I go run or go for workouts. Having a jacket so gorgeous like this one,I would even be more encourage to exercise.

THE FIT: flexible and easy to wear. Built with double knit fabric, flat knit ribs, and true-fitting shoulders.

THE DETAILS: from flat knit rib collar and cuffs, bond

ed seams, to double-welded, zippered pockets.

THE FINISH: effortlessly comfortable, with inner seams and pockets built with the same refined finish as the outside.

THE STRIPE: from medal stands to the street, the look of the N98 has been worn by the best in sport for over a decade.

CRAFTED: our commitment to craftsmanship, from materials to construction. We sweated each step so you can push it as far as possible.

I guess that's what Nike is trying to convey to everyone. The deal is workout in style. A great message for all of us to keep fit and stay healthy.
This sports gladiator sandals from their latest collect
ion caught my eye too,awesome mix of sports and fashion all in one.


Diane said...

Workout ?yes! great idea, but gorgeous clothes for sports only. I mean, sports wear is for sports. No matter how pretty they are I wouldn't wear them or anything like that on a daily basis ;)

Have a fun weekend!


FashionJazz said...

Oooh interesting post hun! I will let you know what luck I have with the google icon, I added u, so let me know if u can see that : ) As for bloglovin, will let you know. Mwah xx

Ribbons and Squares said...

They have inspired me! I love this campaign! and when i thought it couldnt get better i see those sandals! are amezing! thumbs up for Nike!

wreckedstellar said...

Great post! Being a former track runner in high school- always loved the track jacket! And wow, I totally want the gladiator sandals- the Nike logo on the side gives it that unexpected bonus because I never would have guessed they were by Nike! xo, mel

Jacqueline said...

Great post Valencia! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Jackets are hot, although the sandal is a must! i really like it!!!

Lauren Goddard said...

I really want those Nike gladiators. The colour is just so rad.

x x x

Melissa~ said...

Great, thanks for share.
That gladiator sandals are so amazing!!!


B a la Moda said...

You know? I don´t see a big deal in that new jacket. Maybe I can not appreciate all the details but it looks like any other jacket to me. What I really loved are the sandals. I want some now. The concept is so unique and imaginative. Love this creation.

B* a la Moda

Erica Leigh said...

oh, wow! i'm not really into athletic gear or sporty clothes, but nike has really stepped it up! i didn't even think they could make working out look that stylish, you know? i'm impressed!


Alita Claudia said...

the gladiator is so cute, love it !

beckyxoxo said...

Hi dear I miss reading your blog too ! x) This is so cool , I will wear Nike if I have a chance . Because I work out so rarely lol . Ahh those gladiators are so cute ! Haha . Have a nice weekend !


Love the jacket!!!

Sooo L.A. said...

ooohhh how i love kobe bryant!!