Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the gardens where unicorns and fairies gather

Shirt:+J,Jill Sanders for UNIQLO
Jumper dress:vintage,gift from Starr
Bowler hat:online store
Necklace:gift from Michelle
Rings:all random
Lipstick:MAC's Russian Red
T-strap heels:Clarks

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the surprise post my sister did on Tuesday.
Yes,I'm really blessed and lucky to have a sister like her. I was shocked at first when I saw it because I thought what was going on,but as I read on I was really touched. So thank you Valerie for your words,it made me smile:)
Do bear with me for the meantime with all the blogs catching up and comments. Work is sucky as ever. So for now(it won't be long),I still do read every comment here and will reply to the best I can. But anything important,feel free to email me as well.

I don't know how or what style do I call this outfit. I picked it out last night and thought it looked good together. The red lips may look too intense for this but I love it and my bowler hat is perfect with recent outfits too.

The jumper dress was a Christmas gift from the lovely Starr of A Thought Is The Blossom and I really love the material and the gold buttons on it.
Also can you spot my anchor necklace too? Another Christmas gift from the lovely Michelle of Glisters and Blisters. Yes,I have gotten Christmas gifts from lovely blogger friends I've made and they mainly consist of clothes and accessories! So my closet has made some lovely additions,some of which I've yet to wear them yet.
I got my Jan/Feb issue of RUSSH yesterday! Jessica of Harlequins Party had an extra copy with her and she was kind enough to send it to me. So thanks so much gorgeous:)

I'll be meeting my love for dinner/supper later in the night and I can't wait. Love,I know you read the blog daily. So I want to let you know that I miss you lots daily. You're the strength I need to keep smiling~


Diane said...

The blue ring is so beautiful. I really like this kind of office, kind of funky look :D

Wonderful look put together and the lipstick is not too much! ;)

Enjoy the magazine :D and have a super fun day and great dinner with your love.


Noelle Chantal said...

just stumble on your blog! i must say i really love your style! i esp like your accessories here. the huge unusual rings and that lego like necklace i really like! and oh i love that jumper dress too from your fellow blogger. :) you look great!

Clara said...

wow! so chic and lolita.
i loved your hat.

ru.kurarin said...

any random stranger will come to the conclusion that you are a wonderful person for you are so loved (:

maybe it's mod style?

i hope work gets better!

Erika Melisa said...

this look i dig. Gorgeous!!!! woo!!

MJ said...

Your outfits seem to be becoming more polished and smart lately, and I love it! It's always interesting to see someone's style evolve.

Amy said...

Great outfit! I love that necklace and that jumper is adorable on you. What sweet gifts- you are so blessed! :)

Much love,

Jacqueline said...

Love your red lips Valencia! They look gorgeous. That jumper is super cute. Also, I think that bowler hat was made for you! I look terrible in those things. xoxo

Sher said...

Oh, such a cute jumper and adorable hat! You seem to be chanelling Chanel today:)

And so sweet that you receive all these gifts!

Thank you my dear for your sweet comments! I understand your work difficulties, so take your time!!

Also, what a lovely shoutout to your love! Makes me smile:)


Big Daddy said...

Ah i love your new header! Its so weird because i was thinking of doing something similar-back to the drawing board for me! haha
Ah your so lucky for get Russh mag, thats so nice of jessica!

Ljubica said...

what a lovely gift!
you look great in the jumper and i love this outfit!
hope you have a great day!

Kennedy said...

you look so awesome here! i love the red lips and the bowler hat on you, plus that jumper rules. ps: am following you now <3

Patty Ann said...

i really love the skirt. what a thoughtful gift it was!!

F i K a said...

you look great on the jumper dress valencia!! I love it :)..

The blue ring!!hwaaaa..I'm drooling for that!! I love the electric blue color!! ;)

and the red lips??you look great with that..but I never confident enough to wear those red color on my lip..I just think it's not suitable with my character..hahaha

anw,I just entered for the collaboration giveaways of you and valerie from marley&me..and I just posted the pic on my blog..hihihi


M. said...

that jumper dress is gorgeous on you! I love it!

lovelove, M.

notjustmedical said...

Great outfit and love the bowler hat with red lipstick! reminds me of chicago the musical.


Panda said...

Such a wonderful outfit! That dress is killeerr :)
Love the lipstick too,
looks amazing!
Panda xx

princesspolitico said...

beautiful beautiful ring! the color is absolutely enchanting. fabulous lipstick as well - i'm a HUGE MAC fan :)


EVA D. said...

Gorgeous dress! Absolutly a fabulous gift. Oh and your hat is awesome as well!

daisymay said...

Love the outfit valencia you look awesome. Do you wanna do the swap soon as I get paid a week friday so can go get some cutesy stuff for you??

beeyum said...

too cute. i love the jumper dress.

G&M said...

zoe kravitz look-a-like!

Phyllis said...

love the longer skirt, and the hat is too cute! (as is your sister's post below, makes me smile)

thesydneygirl said...


my gtalk isn't working today ;(
I'm going with George tonight to watch Avatar 3d =D woohooey can't wait.


thank you so much

you're the sweetest friend!!!!

i can't wait to use it!!! and you look so beautiful in these photos. love the red lippie!

big hugs!!!
love you lots!


michelle_ said...

so lucky you got lots of gifts for christmas for other bloggers ! am glad you wore the necklace :D

ohh and good news ! might be off to spore next friday ! will keep you updated with that through twitter okiess :D

Leproust Vintage said...

I absolutely love this look on you! It has so much personality to it!

JT said...

cute outfit!! love the red lips!!!!

cute blog btw!
started following!


Jess said...

loving the gingham and your red lips :) i NEED to get my hands on that issue of russh!

Diane said...

Thanks for the comment ;)

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit hun and that blue ring, wow!! Hope u have a stunning weekend xxx

Shantee said...

cute outfit! i think the red lips and bowler hat is perfect for the outfit :D and what a sweet shoutout to your boyfriend :)

Bubu said...


Victoria-H said...

You look so stylish ! :) You can really do all different styles !

Little Hannah! said...

Gorgeous dresssssss!!!

Jes said...

I'm sooo in love with this red lip on hat combo you having going on. They look fabulous! So glad you got your magazine :) Your very welcome!!!