Thursday, February 18, 2010

Say you'll never leave even when you see the storm coming

Jacket:h&m,package from Valerie
Wolf tank:online store

Finally I can get my outfit post up,I cannot stand internet connection being slow at any time. This is not my best outfit for sure,but I love it as its really comfortable and easy to move in. So these few days are still as busy as ever. I'm working at the new store to learn the ropes before I start on full time and yes Chinese New Year celebration is still on here. 15 days of celebration and I'm still in the mood of celebrating.

I think I can safely tick off one item done on my new year's resolution list. Remember I said adding more colors to every outfit I would wear? I've been doing just that and it really is starting to grow on me. Each time I piece an outfit together,I would always want to add colors and brighten it up.
I got quite a few goodies from the trip my mom and sister went to Hong Kong. Like this bow cut out bracelet,its really so gorgeous and simple enough for everyday wear too. 
I'll show more on what other items I got soon.


M. said...

love all the accessories you're wearing!

lovelove, M.

Jacqueline said...

Great accessories! I also love you in red Valencia. You look amazing in that color, especially when you put red lipstick on too! xo

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Anonymous said...

i also hate slow internet, and i love the bow bracelet!

michelle_ said...

i adore that bow cut bracelet !
and glad to know that you're adding colors tour outfits !
i think im pretty succesful with that too this year . ahhaha.. adding color can actually be tricky to do (even though it sounds easy).. some people wear colors effortlessly !

many thanks for the sweet comments .
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fadetoblack said...

you always have fabulous jackets my dear!!

The F Word Online said...

hey girl, sorry i've been mia - exams and vacays have been consuming my life for a little while. also, thanks for taking the time to enter my giveaway :) cuute bracelet btw ! and i love the shiny leggings. i just got a similar pair from american apparel, lovee

xx lue

theTrendyDwarf said...

I love your shiny leggings! They are so attention calling and definitely in a positive way. Your jacket is wonderful as well. Very unique and I am all about uniqueness.
check out my trendy blog!

Diane said...

I do like this outfit and the bracelet it's so nice!
Good luck with your new job!


FashionHippieLoves said...

lovely red jacket!


Anonymous said...

I really like your outfit! Comfy ones are the best. Fantastic wolf t-shirt, I'd like one as well.


Nana said...

i love those leggings

Anonymous said...

Love love love your leggings!!!

thesydneygirl said...

absolutely amazing! love how you matched those shoes with the jacket!!!

big hugs girl! x