Friday, February 5, 2010

Run with the winds that brings you back home

A proper outfit post back tomorrow~
Today's a recap of yesterday's outings and some moments to share.

I feel so blessed in my life and I've been really showered with love each day. Be it my love,family,workplace or anywhere else people always does seem nice and genuine. Of course for work,I refer to the people I hang out with. I'm not trying to boast about my life or anything here,I'm writing this because I'm really touched and thankful for the people in my life.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Have you thought of what to get your loved one? Or do you have something to tell your other half? For me,my love I know you'll be seeing this. But I'm always ever thankful for you and I feel blissed all the time with you. Will write on this more when that day comes.

As for the blogging world,you all have been so awesome! Even though I've been busy with work lately,the support and encouragement I get each day is amazing. One reason why I won't stop blogging is because of you out there. I was so touched when I received the package from Chantele of Daisy Dayz. She is a great blogger and her giveaways are always something exciting. We recently did a swap and she got me many beautiful things I could use for sure. She labeled a reason why she chose each item and she even remembered that I loved cotton canvas bags! Chantele,you've made me smile today~

One more reason for me smiling is that I got my very first illustration done by the lovely Melissa of 8th Street. She took a photo from my blog which inspired her and she dressed me in my favorite dress from the latest Luella Spring 2010 collection. Melissa did such a beautiful job so thanks girl!


Diane said...

yum! that food looks DELISH!
and i love that illustration. *adorable*

Jacqueline said...

Love the food and the drawing. xo

fadetoblack said...

aw that illustration is adorable.. love it!!!
also i bought the lining... so awesome!!!
so this weekend im ready to rol ;)

Melissa~ said...

I'm glad that you like it sweetheart!
if you're happy with it, Im happy.

Chantele send to you such an amazing things!!! Everything look awesome.
And, the, food, the food looks so yummy!
Dear I have a question, do you ahve facebook? I wanna have all my blog friends in facebook.


Jes said...

Food looks delicious!!! Making me hungry... Amazing illustration. Checking out blog now. Hope your well sweetheart

michelle_ said...

Do u really hv to spazz me out with those foods ??
Hahhaha..where's dat resto u eat located at ? Seems like its filled with tummy friendly munchies !
Andd yes I do hope my tiring mid term week will b over really soon !
I can't wait to get back to full blogging .
Just missed it soo much ! I'm really enjoying to take pictures now !

daisymay said...

Awww Valencia! I'm glad you loved the parcel! I knew you would love everything! Looking forward to seeing how you style all the items into your wardrobe! Those foody pics look so yummy, especially the icecream with marshmallows!! Yummy!! lol!!

Jen said...

awww valencia! that is such an adorable illustration of you, i've been dying for one. and this post is just killing me! my stomach has been grumbling for the past 30 minutes and then i came across your post and now i'm so hungry i could swallow a dozen elephants. :P

notjustmedical said...

That icecream looks so yummy!

I'm glad you got a package and an illustration, they look great.

I'm baking my boyfriend Valentine's cookies as a present.


A N A S T A S Y A said...

the drawing is adorable and you have successfully made me drooling over the food! aww...

Faridah said...

You're one truly lovely lady, don't ever forget that!

stellectism said...

you know what, i'm litreally drool when i see the cheese fries and the other foods. they're smacking delish! duhhh! fom NYDC is it? spore has tons of great foods!

that is a very beautiful illustration. i'm dying to have one also!
glad that you're showered with loves babe <3

Diane said...

You killed me again with the food photos. I just don't understand how do you eat all these and still be slim??

Anyway, I'm really glad for you that you spent that nice time and got all those goodies!!


Shantee said...

omg everything looks so good! its gonna be one of the things i want to try when i visit Sg :D

V said...

is photo 9 a ... poutine ... in singapore?! that is the prettiest poutine I have ever seen.

Gosh even your greasy fatty foods are better quality.


Sher said...

Aww, that's such a sweet illustration from Melissa! I love love love it! And I love the luella dress too, so pretty:)


Maria Confer said...

Adore the illustration and all that food makes me hungry for a second dinner!

Lulu Letty