Friday, February 26, 2010

Celebration with music and watching the sun go down

Shirt:Ralph Lauren,vintage
Jeans:River Island
Boots:Hong Kong

Rainy late afternoon calls for my boots to be worn. The weather you can never imagine, it has been the driest month to date ever from where I'm from. It finally rained but was equally humid when it had stopped. Oh please,tell me about it.

My boots are the ones my mom and sister got me when they were on holiday in Hong Kong a few weeks back.It's perfect to be tugged in with my jeans and not too tight on my legs like the previous one I have. Those jeans you're looking now are the only pair I own in my entire closet. 
The last two photos were taken on the eve of Chinese New Year when I met up with Winnie to pick up my necklace. Like I've said before,she's my go-to person for all the chain works I need. Will show photos on my new necklace she made me soon.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend of relaxing and spending time with my loved one. Pssst,I've ended my horrid office job and on to my new job at Hansel the next week.
Have an awesome weekend everyone~


Anonymous said...

I love the shirt, and the boots!

Julianne said...

I really love that shirt!I need to get me some plaid-all the plaid I own is my school skirt and thats no fun. Your cardigan is really lovely too!

michelle_ said...

yayyy more cotton ink :D
and those boots are awesome . i've never actually worn high boots in public in indo.. i only wore mine to China 2 years back in winter . hahaha..

i'll be wwyayyy to alienated if i wore boots here . i get enough stares when i wear ankle boots, and i'll get more if i wore riding boots ! hahah..

and u serious that's the only pair of jeans u have ?
i live in jeans ! any day that i'm not dressing up.. i always pick a jeans and a white top . ahhaa.. that's kinda like my uniform . its simple but pretty polished ;)

Jacqueline said...

I love the plaid shirt with the splash of yellow. Looks great on you Valencia! xo


Jen said...

the shredded back of this bright yellow shawl is fantastic! loving it with the plaid shirt. and those boots are amazing :)
i feel like no matter where people are, no one's liking the weather right now :P

J'aime said...

All of my adoration goes drastically to that yellow shredded shawl. Its nothing I've seen before, and I want it! Great outfit.


.Maree said...

you and your friend are sooooo absolutely cuuutee! OMG! :D And danggg, your yellow cardigan is totally rad! I love the slashes in the back, that's pretty wicked. was that a DIY or did it come with it?
Anywho's awesome pictos! =]

~ Mary

Anonymous said...

These photos are really adorable. I love all of the plaid and long bangs and rugged boots (of course!)

xox Jenny

Dylana said...

I am loving all your recent outfits! But I am sad that I never got the time to go to Singapore on my trip! Maybe next time!

Natalie said...

have a nice weekend! love the pop of yellow in your outfit.

and i'm sad we didn't get to meet up in singapore. i ended up not going, didn't have enough time to travel there, wish i did tho :)

Diane said...

That website looks cool, glad you;re working there. And I like the way you've stylish your outfit with the yellow shawl!

Have a fun weekend


djhanq said...

cool boots and COTTON INK!!
(is there cotton ink in spore?)

followed u via ggl friend connect
mind followin me back?

Ilse said...


Leah said...

The shawl is fabulous Valencia. I want one too. I agree with the weather here in our part of the world. Happy Sunday! xoxo

fadetoblack said...

that shredded top is incredible and awesome boots indeed :)

(always)alanna said...

that piece is AMAZING! i love the yellow pop of color SO muchhh. you look gorgeous girl!
adore your blog- will be back soon!

Ilse said...

hayaaahh off course!!! once we'll meet each other we'll be shopping like hell :D and sure I'll help you out with your layout! remember this picture? I promised you to make something like that for you as well, do you want me to make something like that for your header?or do you want someting different? I'll fix something together, whatever you want :> email me with your ideas! ^^


ps how's your weekend? congrats with quitting the stupid job btw!!!

lisa + cathy said...

omgosh thank goodness you got new job! you have such passion for fashion
and good luck on the first day

Nora said...

thats smoking hot cotton ink shawl. =)) and those boots are great as well.
good luck on your new job.

Mona said...

lovelove the shirt!
think you have a great blog! look at my blog, if you want :) maybe we can follow each other? :)

xx mona

FashionJazz said...

Luv the pop of yellow hun!! I will back to reg blogging and commenting this week, yey!! xxx

Shantee said...

i love the yellow shawl! its so bright :)

Big Daddy said...

Oh how lucky you are that your mom and sister could pic out such awesome boots for you! So sweet of them!
I always love the chain works from winnie, make sure and post pics!
Ps. Happy Chinese new year!

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.

thesydneygirl said...

aww you're wearing the flower ring! it looks great on you :D hope the weather is good over there.

the charger that came with the nokia is international so i cant charge it :/ very annoying oh well.

big hugs!!! mwaaa

dy of ghost said...

that's a cool sweater!

.Maree said...

Cotton ink? I never heard of that place before! Loll. But oohh, i am oh so in love with your yellow slashed cardigan though. I want one, so that i could flaunt my back! hehe :P