Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The merry-go-round goes with me in my pocket


Velvet blazer:Topshop
Crop top:Forever21
Floral leggings:Topshop
Accessories:All random
Shoes:Minnetonka Moccasins

Yes,its many photos today,but it sums up my trip to Malaysia during the weekend back on Saturday and Sunday. I'm going to keep it short and sweet as I need to head to work at the new place. Will talk on that later.

This year,I didn't have time to shop for vintage clothing online like I would every year for Chinese New Year. So I turned to a few brands here that I love,well I guessed it turned out pretty good. My dad took photos for my outfit,he was a newbie to my camera but the photos came out so well. Reunion dinner was at Pizza Hut,we had no place to go as everywhere else was closed. Thereafter,headed back to my Grandpa's home and we saw fireworks after fireworks. I got to light off my own fireworks too!

So its been back to work for me since yesterday. I'm still with my current office job,but I'm off till the next Monday. So with days off,I actually I'm working these few days at the new job I'm going to taking over soon. Its been busy still these few days and I'm glad I finally got time to blog today.
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Melissa~ said...

Your dad did a great job!
that look so much fun, someday I'll spend a chinese new year there. I have to.

Kisses dear!!!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

whoa-looks like a lovely trip!! and i'm loooving your outfit! i have those moccasins and adore them, love how you styled them!!

happy new year :)

//jess s//

Vinda Sonata said...

those photographs really make me smile. thanks for sharing the joy, valencia! you're just as expressive as your style! i like your leggings and the accessories combo.

that snapshot of the clear noodle makes me hungry! seems delicious. you have such an amazing dad. :)

Jacqueline said...

Your dad is a lovely photographer! I love your shoes and the leggings Valencia. You look lovely as always!

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thesydneygirl said...

valencia my dear friend. you look utterly and completely beautiful in these photos!

i just love those floral tights on you! your nails and rings look awesome :D you have so many rings girl! haha

big hugs! enjoy your second day at work today :) mwa mwa mwa

Maria Confer said...

So so so Love your pants!!!

I'm missing my moccasins!! Must buy new pair.

Lulu Letty

Shop T.O. Live said...

Great pictures. Happy Chinese New Year.

I love love love the floral leggings.

Anonymous said...

awe. looks like lots of fun with your family! i love your leggings!

Diane said...

Seems like you had a lot of fun and a lot of good food :D The colorful ring it's so nice! So are the leggings :)

Good luck with your new job!


♥ Christine said...

amazing photos! that's so cute that your dad helps you take pics :)
your tights are so pretty. i wish i had the legs to wear them. you look so happy in your photos xD
happy new year!

Jen said...

first of all, i just have to say how much i adore those floral leggings of yours and you styled them perfectly. :) and i'm glad you had fun in malaysia this past weekend, these pictures are so much fun! hope the new job is going well.

febrina utami putri said...

happy chinese new year to you!! and i always love your rings, they're fabulous!

Julianne said...

i really love your bracelets, especially the orange and white one. Oh, and your floral leggings!

Anonymous said...

love your floral leggings!!! and your accesories are beautiful!! <3

J'aime said...

My adoration goes out to your accessories and jewellery! love the outfit.


Anonymous said...


denise said...

sooo cute that last pic is awesome. and i looove thoes floral trousers!!

Nana said...

love the accesories and the cardigan<3

Lyly skell x said...

So beautiful pics !

princesspolitico said...

your topshop finds make me wish we had a store here in ohio... those floral leggings are PERFECTION - especially with your awesome velvet blazer! your malaysian vacation seems like it was a blast!


simonesays said...

Your last photo pretty much sums up my feelings for your outfit. AWESOME. ♥
Also, digging allllll the photos. I'm glad you had such a great time!

Jes said...

Ahhh the last shot is sooo funny. Love it! You look like a superhero

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

your leggings/pants are unbelievable!


So happy to see this post filled with joy and colors!! :)

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Bubu said...

Nice photos, is your father????

Nice bracelets!!!!! kissessss

Joellen said...

Looks like so much fun! Your parents are cute hehe. Love the outfit!


I love youre style girl, really cool blog

all love ida



I love all about you here: your hair, your bangles, your jacket, your leggings, the food, the fireworks!! woW!!

Happy new year for you!

michelle_ said...

your dad did quite a good job for his first time !
i loved that last candid shot of you very much ! hahaha..i never get my jumpshots right ! (except the ones joseph took for us infront of ion..haha)

glad to know that u had a great CNY too ! :D i quite enjoyed myself as well !
really adore those leggings and blazer !

I also those plate of veggies (or watever) and i tried tossing them around.. i didnt understand at first but then my bf's grandma told me what the tradition meant. is it true that the higher you can toss it, the more successful you'll be ? heeee

and i do realize how CNY can be annoying for restaurants.. I once went to sgp for CNY and EVERYTHING was closed.. i cant even get a cab in like 20mins ! hahaha..

sorry for the long comment . just had to blad and share you some thoughts .

miss talking to u val ! :D
hoping to c ya soon .

. said...

looks like you had fun on chinese newyear (: Great style too btw


Faridah said...

Your dad did a wonderful job! Did you get a new camera also? I love these photos, alot. So colourful and fun. You look super cute in that floral pant outfit. Arghhh so good!