Sunday, July 26, 2009

The reason I'm so happy

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts ! This weekend didnt have much plans of heading out .
Partly the changing of
hot and cold weather. So cuddled up with my love and enjoying each other's company .

I'e fnally got my bike/cycle shorts .So happy, set in my mind many new ways of wearing it . Above are inspirations to my new shorts !

Promise a new outfit post tomorrow :)


Erica Leigh said...

thanks for cheering me up! you're absolutely right. this just means that i have to take more pictures (and i will) this week to make up for it!

as for those bike shorts, i want some too! i'll have to buy some this week or something. can't wait to see your outfit pics. <3

Sans vous, il y a aucun je said...

No problem girl <3 Yup,more new photos !! Cannot wait to see them.

Yea,took me awhile to find my bike shorts as Forever21 ran out of sizes so quickly .
Putting up an outfit post later after work, need my sister to help me snap a shot :)

Will try to wear the bike shorts and post it up this week :)Because I cannot wear it to work :(

Big Daddy said...