Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marshmellows and warm coffee with you

Dress:Le Sac Dress,American Apparel
Outer Jacket:vintage,thrifted
Bowler Hat:Online store
Accessories:all vintage

Understand totally when its tiring when no one helps to take your photos or you may seem mad running to and fro when using self-timer for your shots.

It does seem alittle funy,but tiring too. Anyway, I've got it done :)

Wore my tucked away dress I bought since the beginning of the year,decided to finally wear it out.
Ohhh yes, my bike shorts !

Wore them out today. Intended to use them as a lining just in case my dress flips up. But looks rather good with the outfits .

Pssst, like you've said erica . Girls like us have to wear heels more often !


Britty said...

this very cute i really like it!

erin said...

stumbled upon your blog, and i LOVE it! your outfits are great.

especially like the heels in this one.



Anonymous said...

you look so pretty! Love your topshop heels :)


joanne and valencia said...

love your dresssss.
hahaha tempted to get it!

and i should stop tagging using rbl's acct.

Sans vous, il y a aucun je said...

HELENSKI: thanks alot girl :P I love your blog, go rockstar !

Joanne:thank you thank you ! So paisey, yes you should go get the dress :)

Petite Esth├Ęte said...

love this outfit! love the dress and shoes! you look great :)