Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Overwhelmed by all bright lights

(Topshop knit top,Supre matte leggings,grey flower baggu,cotton on shoes)

After work yesterday, it was a girls' night out .
To the new ION orchard .
It was alright, not that great except for the new Topshop store .
Flooded with so much more dresses,jackets and shoeeesssss !
I've wished I took more pictures there but was afraid that the sales person might chase me out or something :(

Bought 3 pairs of ear studs . Lovely :) And got 1litre of apple juice for just a dollar !


joanne and valencia said...

thank you for taking such a ugly photo of me.

Anyway, I like the heart you used haahaha

Sans vous, il y a aucun je said...

No, its not ugly la. hahaha
I edited the photo from my mobile phone then sent it to the com.