Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to:Pose for your outfit photos

Okay so sometimes we get lost or look funny in our photos . We're not sure how to pose,where to look,what to do with our hands etc etc etc.

I've create a few easy steps(to help us al
l out/or to pose even better than before)
All photos are taken from people like us, fashion bloggers ! Normal everyday people :D

tep 1: Location !
Do pick somewhere that the background has good lightning and brings out your photos better.
Like the outdoors,while you're getting your laundry done or the side of the road.
Step 2: Where do we look ? Which direction ?
The side
look away,looking down,looking at the camera.
Oh yes, if you're looking to side,always show your good side. hee
Step 3: Hands hands !
Those hands
I realized that even myself have problems with my hands. I sometimes get lost where do I put them.
Place them covering your half your face,do the hair flip(guys watch out!),hands behind your back and few more below. Step 4:Always pose with your bag !
(or a bottle,drink,chips etc)

I believe that other than just your outfit,its always fun to have another object to pose with.
Don't let out your bag when taking your shots.
Or you could hold a bottle of drink,chips,balloon,umbrella and so many others :)Step 5:SMILE :D
A smile is an in expensive way to change your looks



LACY said...

OMG OMG i looove this post. Sometimes I really dont know how to pose in my pics and it just takes alot of trial and error to fnally get some poses that actually work. I love your blog :)

Maverick Malone said...

This is a great post :)

Sans vous, il y a aucun je said...

I'm glad you all enjoy it :D

Erica Leigh said...

great tips & examples!!
yeah, lol, i never know where to put my hands either. i usually just experiment, take a bunch of photos, and pick a couple from that.


Crystal Ball said...

What a great idea for a post. I especially liked the last example.

Sooo L.A. said...

good job! this is a good post! i'm sure a lot of people will find this helpful!


risfaneno said...

this is my first visit to your blog..
this post is amaziiing,really helpful :D
i'll put your link on mine if you dont mind :)