Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beautiful candy-like lipstick and new beginnings!

It's been slightly over 2 years since the last I've blogged.

Yes, its been ages but I'm really excited to say that I'm back to blogging :D

This time it'll be different as I would like to bring the direction of my blog not purely to fashion but a lifestyle blog as well.

Sharing with everyone food/recipes, workout plans, reviews of all kinds and lots more!

I would be reviving and starting my YouTube channel as well.

So stay tuned! This wouldn't be my last post.

Enough said, let's get on to main agenda of my post today.

I'm really excited to review an item for everyone!

The lovely team at Dollface London has kindly sent their Lipstick Necklace and Earring Set!

They were beautifully wrapped in red tissue paper as well as packed in bubble wrap to arrive safely :)

A huge fan of lipsticks (Especially classic red!) hence this was an immediate choice to pick~

Easy to match with a simple bun-updo or with paired with a lovely vintage dress and hair down!

Head over to their website here for more beautiful jewelry to add to your collection!

Here are some of the others which I'm eyeing on:

Start shopping away ladies~

Thanks again to Dollface London!


Panty Buns said...

Your lipstick, eye-makeup, and hair all look gorgeous! The Dollface cosmetics, jewelry and floral crown headband are all beautiful! Even the packaging is lovely. Welcome back to blogging! I'll be looking forward to reading your future posts and, hopefully, getting to watch your YouTube videos as well.

ediot said...

happy to see you're back.
Im back too after a long hiatus.. life got in my way. cant wait to see whats next for your blog.
take care

Faridah said...

Welcome back! I'm so excited to be reading your new direction.

I've started blogging again too, how funny! I'm going in the direction of beauty...looking forward to staying in touch.

Rebecca K. Estevez said...

Wonderful Lipstick, Necklace and Earring Set ! I love to read your blog regularly. Your post makes me more conscious about fashion accessories. Keep up updating the post regularly..