Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who stole a piece of my blueberry crumble pie?

Poncho and knit tights:Forever 21
Inner tank:local store

Now I can say I'm excited for Christmas! Its just 3 days away.
There's going to be a Christmas lunch buffet at work tomorrow which makes me so happy. Because I always love yummy food! Bringing along my camera so I'll be busy snapping photos and eating at the same time. What are your plans this holiday? I bet there's going to be lots of yummy food with good company. I'll be heading out to gather at my cousin's place with everyone else to gather and just catch up.

Talking about catching up,I'm still at my best effort to keep back up with everything. I do hope everyone would be patient with me. I just realized that its just 4 more people away to having 200 followers with this blog! Wow,I'm so so happy. A big thank you to everyone who visits and comments! Do know that even I'm keeping back up with everything I still read each and every comment.

I'm starting to really love ponchos,oversized capes and drape front jackets. I want to have so much more of these in my closets. So I had to wear my poncho from Forever 21 again! I love that it does keep me warm and its pretty lightweight. Like this new mall in town,313@ Somerset. They have 4 storeys of Forever 21! I've not been there yet,but I can't wait to go.

I would love to do another Q&A post! So just hit me with any questions,it will be so exciting:)

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Leah said...

I love your poncho Valencia...I always have this thing about oversized anything...I love 'em.

And your tights are gorgeous.

michelle_ said...

woohooo !
so happy that you'll be actually enjoying life with the christmas lunch and all !
im still nt sure what i'll be doing on the christmas day itself . my fam doesnt celebrate xmas that much . maybe i'll plan a christmas dinner with my friends . :D

oh and ure wearing those nice f21 tights again ! YEAYYY ! i love seeing them on you . :D

and questions..
- if you could choose one food to eat in your whole life, what food would you eat ? (dont need to care about health stuff..)

- if you could choose anyone in the world, who would you take to your christmas party? (can be celebs, dead famous people, family or anybody)

Jacqueline said...

Wow, I love that poncho and the tights are darling! Looking good Michelle. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Kimonos are so cute! lovely outfit. love the rings!

Annachiara said...

looove you darling!!!!!

simone! said...

Those tights are super fantastical.

Julls said...

This outfit looks so comfy and stylish !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tights and jewellery! <3

Erika Melisa said...

This one I loike!!

M. said...

I have that poncho in navy, I love it so much and it really is so so warm! You look great in it!


Jess said...

oh i've been eyeing a f21 poncho as well puhahaha! thanks girl, i've added you on my blogroll as well

Pia said...

great styling with your poncho :) i'm equally excited for christmas! have a good holiday!!

dotie said...

cute poncho!! it sort of reminds me of ugly betty haha..but of course a much better version of it :)

I went to the F21 at 313@somerset a few days back..it's bananas!!

Natalie said...

ur sweater is amazing! they had one of those at my shoot yesterday to keep warm, and i was so surprised forever 21 has such cute ones now! :)



Victoria-H said...

U look great in ponchos- is suits you !! :) And look at that big ring of yours, how cute isn't it !! :)
Wohoo, X-mas's soon here !! iii

Maggie said...

OMG! Your poncho is so lovely!! I have a black one and I love it so much. Particularly for winter season. You know, it's f****** cold in Germany...:/ So! A poncho is a good investment ;)

Nana said...

OH how i love the Poncho and the heels
gorgeous outfit darling^^

beautifulnemo said...

Hi my Valencia! it seems you'll have a great time! Enjoy it. :-)


betz said...

lovely poncho Valencia. you look fab as always.
have a jolly good christmas!


Chasing Cherries said...

Beautiful look!! Just perfect! Love the poncho, cute tights and amazing shoes!!! :)

Ljubica said...

awesome poncho. . i'm in love with them too!! and love how yours looks with those tights!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the buffet! Tell us how it went! I want some tights like those. :)

Maria Confer said...

You seriously rock that poncho!!

Adore your blue knit tights.



Vinda Sonata said...

great style, valencia. congrats for the almost 200 followers. rightly deserved ;)
i love your poncho and the custom-made berret. you look cute :)

Viva La Fashion said...

your tights are so cool. :D

Shannon L said...

Drape front jackets are so unique. Forever21 is a saviour. IT HAS EVERYTHING SO CHEAP!<3 Nice Blog xoxo

Dylana said...

Love the poncho so much! You look so french here!


Heather of Heat Storm said...

hehe I love when you crack out your poncho! and thats the cutest button ring :)

I love the idea of your tattoo- If you get bored you can tweak the meaning a bit... :)

Diane said...

Hy Valencia!
Thanks for the comment! I would have never thought of wearing a blue poncho, but on you it look wonderful!

Also the tight, you always amaze when you put together some clothes I never thought about and they look so good together on you!

Happy Holidays, I hope you will have a Merry Christmas with your family and friends!

Sinta said...

Blueberry? You betcha. Loving the poncho and those tights and those shooooes! I love this whole outfit :) You can really put a good ensemble together. Happy holidays to you hun! And don't worry, it's a busy time for everyone ;)

camerafilmroll said...

"I'm starting to really love ponchos,oversized capes and drape front jackets."


Azalea said...

Uhhhohhh those tights look great on you! I really2 love the small details on it! And the poncho looks gorgeous. Can hardly find time to wear that out nowadays!

And yupppp a breakup. Nah it's okay. I'm used to everyone asking me the same question :) Pretty sad that I caught him red-handed, well actually my friend did and he called me up and it was very surprising that she's one of my closest girlfriend. Ugh I could go on and on about my anger for her!!

And yessss Christmas's approaching hehe!

michelle_ said...

RE: you know . we seem to be having blog-skip days more often now . no idea why . bt im starting to feel the tough-ness of time-keeping with blogs ! its holidays . but am so full booked !

and yessshh that's the necklace from you . and it totally fits my whole closet ! i wished i have ur rosaries (the one yuka gave..) im hoping i could have a package exchange like u did :D heeee..

MOF IS a singapore branch ! i love those jelly stuff at Shimbashi Soba (at paragon basement).. they've got the best !

Melissa said...

Love the poncho! I went through a wild poncho phase when i was younger! This outfit has given me the final push to hunt them out again!


Froso said...

Great boho style girl! Thank you for your comment, hope to hear from you soon! I am following you now!


ED said...

I love poncho's too! And this one has a fantastic print.

Oh and I've bought my boots at a thrift store (for only E2.50, :D)

ok so my question is... What's your favorite dinner?

Melissa~ said...

I need a poncho.
Love your outfit, and the color of your thights is so cool.
Kisses dear!

Karolina Joanna said...

I want your ring :) and love the poncho :)


You look faB! I love that poncho so much! Fantastic!!!

Merry X-mas girl, I am also so excited for that night!!!

Many kisses and thanks for your sweet friendship,


Shantee said...

your tights are amazing <3
and i love that last picture of you :)

Miss said...

You look good!
Love those rings!

Graham I. Haynes said...

Hell yes... I love ponchos. I'm looking for one myself :)

Sooo L.A. said...

Hi Valencia!!! OMG your poncho looks sooo cute! I love how you styled it! I am also loving your new tattoo! I haven't gotten mine because I have been really sick...bleh.

Anyway, have an amazing christmas!!!


xoxo said...

Nice outfit! Hope you have a blast at the buffet, how could you not? there'll be food 'nough said.

Have a smashing Christmas

Liya said...

WISH i could rock the poncho, but it ain't happening for me! happy holidays girlllll


Style Bird said...

I love this poncho!! xoxo ava

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this because now i gathered up all the courage to get me a poncho/cape like that!


- which is better for you, street style or runway?

- who's your fave model and why?

- what's the story behind your blog?


TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Ponchos never looked better! Gorgeous!

Britty said...

oh man you pretty loving the ponchos it's awesome!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love your heels!

.mck said...

cute as always =) love that poncho. and the tights match perfectly!

Yay, christmas is almost here. u excited!!??

Crystal Ball said...

If there is anybody who can pull of a poncho it has got to be you. You look great in it!
FOUR stories of F21? Oh wow. I was content with just 2 at a nearby mall but now I'm a bit envious.
Congratulations on reaching 200 followers. I'm just barely reaching 100 and I'm very happy.

I wish you a very beautiful Christmas <3

Jen said...

i adore that poncho on you! it's such a great pattern :)

hope you're enjoying the holidays!

katrina said...

You look gorgeous, I've never seen anybody so goodlooking in poncho, but here you are, looking absolutely gorgeous!

merry christmas!!:)


Erica Leigh said...

very cool poncho! so glad those are back in style again. i had one a few years ago, but it was a really weird green color lol. my friend got it for me and i only wore it once.

a 4 story forever 21?? WHAT. i wish we had one of those around here.


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love all of your rings, so cute!

denise said...

oh god i loved the f21 when i saw it on the site. jeals!!!

frida said...

i love this blog