Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winged/Cat eyeliner Tutorial,Finally~

Outfit post back on Monday~

So after such long procrastination,I've finally done up another video. Many people have asked me on how to I draw my eyeliner and want to learn too. Finally,I had the afternoon to myself and sat down and it the tutorial for you all. I'm no makeup guru,so this video is done to the best to how I know.

Sorry if 1st half of the video kind of speeds up at some points,don't know what happen.

Tip:Sorry it's not clear in the video,but draw your eyeliner in the shape of a scalene triangle. Adjust the slant angle to your own liking.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Celebration with music and watching the sun go down

Shirt:Ralph Lauren,vintage
Jeans:River Island
Boots:Hong Kong

Rainy late afternoon calls for my boots to be worn. The weather you can never imagine, it has been the driest month to date ever from where I'm from. It finally rained but was equally humid when it had stopped. Oh please,tell me about it.

My boots are the ones my mom and sister got me when they were on holiday in Hong Kong a few weeks back.It's perfect to be tugged in with my jeans and not too tight on my legs like the previous one I have. Those jeans you're looking now are the only pair I own in my entire closet. 
The last two photos were taken on the eve of Chinese New Year when I met up with Winnie to pick up my necklace. Like I've said before,she's my go-to person for all the chain works I need. Will show photos on my new necklace she made me soon.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend of relaxing and spending time with my loved one. Pssst,I've ended my horrid office job and on to my new job at Hansel the next week.
Have an awesome weekend everyone~

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Super slouchy potato sits by the beach afraid to move at all

Velvet dress:Christmas gift from Shantee
Headband:Swap with Faridah
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

This dress makes me want to run and run in the huge fields and pluck fresh flowers to put in my hair. To a land far far away. Didn't get to pile on on accessories today as I was once again rushing out of the house for work. But this dress really gave me what I need in an outfit,its velvet with leopard like texture on the dress and it is so slimming too with the waist.

My hair is getting way way too long and hard time to control this mane of mine. Everyone is asking me to give it a trim but I really really can't bear to let any of it go. It may seem funny but oh my,the times and moments I've been through with my hair. So funny yes I know.
Been awhile since I last won a blog's giveaway. I was happy to know when I won Christine of Tie Me A Bow's Valentine's Day giveaway and received them today. She wrapped everything so beautiful and made the wrapping with one of the colors I loved,mint green. Now I've got to find some nice dresses to pin them on.

Tomorrow marks the last day of my horrid office job,celebrate with me as we say YAY~ No more rants on that yucky job no more. Thanks to all who left me encouraging comments regarding to that:)

Special thanks to Gemma from Fade to Black for the shout out on her blog on my previous post with her awesome clutch! Do check her out,she has amazing style and a daily inspiration to me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walk backwards and see the view from behind

Dress:vintage,package from Valerie
Necklace:Gift from Michelle 
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

Wearing every outfit with moccasins almost daily now,I love them. Like Melly who commented recently,free-spirited person I am and maybe its true about me. Threw on one of my favorite vintage dresses and my new oversized clutch too I got from Fade to Black. She makes such amazing clutches and I asked to add the leopard lining inside too. Get your very own one here! I can fit so many things in it,I can never bring less items each time I leave my house. 

Who doesn't love surprises? Came home to a package and it made me smile. Thanks my gorgeous friend Joelyne,she sent me a package without telling me so it came as a surprise. The red set of bracelets I'm wearing are from her as well. 

During this time of irregular-ness with my blog,I've learned so much about myself and the people around me. I've learn to take things in its own time and to love myself even more. My new found friends ever since I've started blogging,you all have been amazing. Next week,I can finally go back to real blogging and catching up.
A special shout-out to my love who's been so supportive all the time and loving me for who I am. Thanks:)

Also,do I make sense on what I'm writing each time? Does it bore you all to read what I've to say? Its mid-week,Happy Hump Day~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Like the rushing wind,I feel you all around me

Floral dress:Topshop
Bag:Swap from Chantele
Shoes:Minnetonka Moccasins

Shoes:Lee Cooper

Badly wanted to blog this up last night,but over eating at the buffet as you can see made me super sleepy that I headed straight to bed when I got home. And to everyone,I'm not anywhere near to being missing in action. The weekend was spent with my loved one and my family too. I can now go back to regular blogging:)

Happy happy Birthday my love!
Its his actual birthday today,but we headed out all day yesterday to celebrate. Started the day with watching 'Valentine's Day',it was all all about love and more love. Some moments were really touching but the whole movie was rather draggy for me. We headed for some shopping and arcade games too,super fun.

Also,this is the very first time my love's having an outfit photo here. We were waiting for the buffet dinner to start,so he helped take photos for me. After which,he was super excited and asked for his own outfit photo too. How adorable and he was just so happy too. For me,I never tried to change how he should wear his clothes or change his style. Its important that one feels comfortable in his own skin and what he's wearing.

The buffet dinner was super super yummy! One of my favorite places to go for buffet. They have such a wide range of food and the snow crabs,I always need to have lots of them each time. We had a mini plate of Yu-sheng for both of us too. Oh yes,this is the floral dress that I bought and featured in the previous post. Aiming to get more sleeve backless dresses like this. 

I need help with anyone who can help give my blog a new look/layout! Do email me or just leave a comment below. Please please,thanks in advance~

Friday, February 19, 2010

Change in direction when I see raindrops hitting my window

Windbreaker:Bought years ago from Hong Kong
Inner tank:Dirty Pretty Things
Bowler hat:Online store
Shoes:Minnetonka moccasins

Lunch buffet in the afternoon led to many trips to the toilet. I ate too full and the whole time after I was super sleepy. Even coffee didn't help me. Wearing my fringed scarf from Cotton Ink I bought awhile back. Its so easy to throw on and yes more bright colors are coming into my closet. Post CNY sales are just everywhere now,but I couldn't resist buying this floral dress from Topshop today! Love the cut out back detail too which made me love this dress more.

Oh yes,I keep talking about doing an upcoming vlog on many things but I've still not done it yet. Booohoo on me. So I'll let you all decide. Be it a peep in my closet,how I do my winged eyeliner,how to find awesome accessories etc. Just let me know and I'll do the one that gets the most likes.

Have a great weekend ahead~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Say you'll never leave even when you see the storm coming

Jacket:h&m,package from Valerie
Wolf tank:online store

Finally I can get my outfit post up,I cannot stand internet connection being slow at any time. This is not my best outfit for sure,but I love it as its really comfortable and easy to move in. So these few days are still as busy as ever. I'm working at the new store to learn the ropes before I start on full time and yes Chinese New Year celebration is still on here. 15 days of celebration and I'm still in the mood of celebrating.

I think I can safely tick off one item done on my new year's resolution list. Remember I said adding more colors to every outfit I would wear? I've been doing just that and it really is starting to grow on me. Each time I piece an outfit together,I would always want to add colors and brighten it up.
I got quite a few goodies from the trip my mom and sister went to Hong Kong. Like this bow cut out bracelet,its really so gorgeous and simple enough for everyday wear too. 
I'll show more on what other items I got soon.