Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Foot imprints on my shadow makes the soul at ease

Dress:vintage,ohsofickle at fareast
Belt:vintage,mom's old belt
Accessories:All random
T-strap heels:Clarks

Its blurry,sorry ! Taken with my mobile phone

Today's big event for me was to watch the September Issue.
Ohhhh,its a must watch for everyone!
Anne Wintour is so amazing in what she does.
And she is not described as a high priest,but POPE !
That's one high calling:)

Headed with Yiqin to watch the movie.
We headed first for some lovely mango ice with mango ice cream.
My recommendation.
Yummy yum,mango is my favorite fruit !

Then headed outside for photos and people were really staring
when we took photos along the roadside.
But its fine,I'll keep posing.
It was sushi thereafter to sneak into the cinema as food. Shhhh

Worn this dress before way way early in this blog.
But I took it out today and I love polka dots.
It's starting to make a comeback.

Those Hell Kitty pins are what Denise gave me
Thanks girl !
I'm going to add them to my outfits soon.

Agenda for tomorrow:
Topshop party with Christopher Kane's collection at ION Orchard!
Stay tuned!

And don't forget to enter,last 2 days till end of giveaway !!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wish I was a hippie PLUS Hello Kitty fans hands up !

Plaid top:dad's old tee,Ralph Lauen
Boots:Doc Martens
Accessories:All random
Red lippie:Mac's russian red
Annie Claire Knitted Hello Kitty Plush Bagaboo Bee Hello Kitty Baby Pram 3 beautiful Hello Kitty shirts from American ApparelRepetto Hello Kitty Ballet flatsHello Kitty Watch Crystallized Hello Kitty clutch How cuteee ! Hello Kitty is winking at youHaivanas Hello Kitty Flip Flops Look at those mini front bowsYiqin and myselfI wanna bring you homeeeLovely collection of shoes @ Pedder RedBag is made from sheep's furMini gold studded sling bag
I only got 2 photos up for today's outfit.
Hippie edgy look.
And with my red lippie again!

Wanted to make more space for the photos on the Hello Kitty things.
Had so much fun yesterday and thanks so much Denise for bringing us around.
You're really so sweet and really friendly :)

The Hello Kitty official launch was already over.
But we still managed to get down to On Pedder and snap photos of all those beautiful items.
For you all fans out there,I believe after reading the end of this post.
I know you'll be screaming and going bonkers!

A few things I didn't get to see until yesterday!
Like the all over crystallized mini clutch and the watch.
So beautiful up close and are my favorite picks:)

After that,we headed up one floor to Pedder Red.
Pedder Red is a store that brings in many runway inspired items.
But they are all made of good quality leather or animal skin.

Got to try on those pair of over the knee boots as well!
Really so so comfortable and gorgeous:)
Denise too had a go at wearing them and she fell in love with them too.

And she was really sweet to give me a set of Hello Kitty pins.
Which I forgot to snap a photo of.
So sorry,will upload it tomorrow.

On Pedder
Shop 02-12 P/Q Takashimaya Shopping Centre 391 Orchard Road
T. 65 6835 1307

Pedder Red
#03-04 T Takashimaya Shopping Centre
T. 65 6735 5735

A shoutout to Denise from Media Flair Media Flair Communications once again!

All Hello Kitty Images used in this post are not allowed to be used elsewhere without permission.Thanks !

Monday, September 28, 2009

Smiling breaks the slience through people

Oversized blazer:Valentino,vintage
White tee:Boyfriend's closet
Canvas shoes:Cotton
Harness/accessories:All random old and new

Tried these boots on at Pedder Red
Animal print hair tie,blue bangle,oversized bow mobile chain,a sunnies necklace,hair clip,DIY craft paperSneak peeks,more coming up tomorrow

I'm still keeping up with my blog visiting.
So sorry to all.
Didn't have enough time today at work.
But I will have to complete all the visiting by tomrrow before lunch.
Why so ?

Because I'm starting the take on of a 2nd job tomorrow.
Still in the same company,just that I taking on 2jobs at one time now.
So I'll have lesser free time like before.
Will have to work everything out and better time-planning.

I finally received my swap package from Charlene of Candykawaiilover!
A girl with amazing style and awesome blog.
Awwww,thanks so much girl for all the adorable items.
We agreed on animal theme and hence got the print scrunchie.

I love especially the huge bow that I got.
Which was actually a mobile chain.
So its hanging so beautifully on my phone now.
Thanks so much again Charlene:)

Here's a sneak peek of 2photos I took today on Hello Kitty.
Will do a full writeup on it tomorrow and also a outfit post of course.
Feel I got quite alot of thing to talk about today.
So the writeup will be tomorrow.

And also those over knee boots I tried on at Pedder Red.
Super super comfortable and I can run in them!
How I wish it was really mine. Ahhhh

Meantime,you can see the 1st writeup here.

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or just normal everyday updates :)