Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day without sunlight is a day without you

Navy bodysuit:American Apparel
Pants:Dad's old pants
T-strap heels:Clarks

Nooooo,I'm not feeling sad even though it looks like I am. heeee

Beautiful weather today for shopping and that was exactly what I did. 6 hours of shopping nearly killed my feet,but I bought more clothes for upcoming Chinese New Year which I'm super excited about. Headed out with my sister and Juliet today,walked and walked to many places. Right till now,I'm still short of a pair of POW WOW leggings!! Meaning I want a pair that is super bright or a print that is super eye-catching. Surely got to go hunt for those next week.

I've been loving my American Apparel bodysuit as I wore it out again today. So easy to pair with any outfit and I do love clothing with low backs. To me,a woman's back is somewhat sexy. But wrong choice of shoes today,I knew I was walking for long hours I still wore my heels. They weren't high,but as the hours passed the pain got so bad. Good thing I managed to get home still.

My love for velvet has not ceased. In fact,I kept finding velvet clothing today but I ended up buying a velvet one piece bodysuit from Forever 21. Also a beautiful crop top as well. Oh yes,I went to a indoor flea in town today and I saw Sarah from Sarah's Loft and was so excited to see her. She was holding her own stall at the flea. I didn't dare to say hi to her at first but she asked if it was me and we started talking. She's such a sweet person,sews awesome crafts and we have to surely meet up again. Thanks girl for the deal on the fabric brooches.

Work will start again tomorrow,all good things to come. Of course it will.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Peace overwhelms me with your sweet embrace

Navy one piece:American Apparel
Plastic frames:online

Don't you just love it when the weekend is here?
You get to rest and enjoy the things you would love to do and spend time with your loved ones.My weekend this week has been more or less planned,I'll be staying home tomorrow the whole day to catch back on everyone's blog and comments. Oh my,how behind am I now but I know it's alright.To also squeeze in some shopping too.

Today,this surely screams a simple yet classic vintage look. These glasses(with no lens) I'm wearing were some cheap plastic ones I found online one day and got them. When I wear them out,people do keep staring as you can poke your fingers through it. People can be so
weird sometimes. Oh,I didn't notice that the buckle behind my skirt had came loose until I wore my skirt,I laugh at myself sometimes with moments like this.

Thanks so much to Lauren of Lauren Loves who did a feature on me recently on her blog for Style Files. So happy and she is so sweet,do check it out here.

Also,Jessica tagged me recently for 'Sportsgirl Hearts' tag!

So here are some questions I have to answer and to pass it on to three of my favorite bloggers.

What are you wearing right now?
Now this exact moment,I'm in a old tshirt and a pair of black shorts.

Post a picture that means "summer" to you.

What tracks are essential on your summer playlist?
I'm not super up to date on music right now,but here goes.

Lady Gaga-Bad Romance
Lovers Electric-Could This Be
Beyonce-Upgrade U(Feat. Jay-Z)
Beastie Boys-Shake Your Rump
The Get Up Kids-Ten Minutes

What's your fave piece of clothing from the Sportsgirl summer collections?
The Kate Leaf Tea dress is just perfect for sunny days. Sorry I couldn't get a picture of it.

Describe your perfect summer.
A day in the park or just sit down people watching with my loved one. We will sip on tea and red velvet cupcakes.

As for my three favorite bloggers to pass this along to,I will be emailing you three shortly. Check your emails.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feathers and old coins make a perfect match

Velvet Blazer:vintage,gift from Starr
Skirt:can't remember
Wedges:Street Couture,bought from Valerie



You would never guess how long I've kept this skirt that I'm wearing,5 years now! Yes wow,this is one of the few pieces in my closet that I can never bear to give or throw away. The stripes along the skirt is so beautiful and it looks to me like those Christmas candy canes that we eat. Never thought this skirt would ever see the day of light again but it has.
Velvet blazer or velvet in general,I love it as its really very comfortable. Thanks so much to Starr for sending me this last Christmas! She is one person you would want to go thrifting/vintage shopping with and she's super nice.

Travelling would be the main thing for me this year. I have lots of plans to go to places and I do need to start saving! To take in more of nature and to know more about yourself during such trips. Is there one country that's a must go on your list?

Oh yes,I've added some photos from the blogger meet up last week that the kind photographer,Joseph took for us. Thanks,it was odd but really nice of you too. I always love animation photos like this. Thanks Michelle as well,as I took the two photos from her blog.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laughter that captured the essence of our youth

Denim Jacket:Cotton On
Oversized shirt:Ralph Lauren,thrifted
Skirt:package from Valerie

Came from a bag of smiley chips I found at home today,its smiling at you too~

I was just stuck with this oversized shirt I wore today. But throw on a floral skirt and here comes another outfit. It seems to go pretty well actually after looking at it in the mirror like six times. Florals florals oh I'm in huge love with them. I want more florals hanging pretty in my closet. They are so beautiful aren't they?

If you read my tweets this morning,I mentioned that I was deeply touched by all the comments I received when I checked my email today. No kidding,I really was. Readers out there,I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oh,this sounds cliche now. But you all are the ones making this blog as exciting and fun as it can be. It is my daily encouragement to keep blogging and not stopping to keep everyone updated. And to those who think we're weird for having a fashion blog,you just don't know how much love is going on around here. So thank you!

Its mid week tomorrow,so say hurray~

Monday, January 25, 2010

Running along the railway track for questions unanswered

Dress & bag:vintage
Accessories:random/flea finds
Umbrella:Random one from home

Such a relief today as I finally tendered my resignation letter at work and I will be leaving the current job in one month's time. Never felt like this before,just like throwing a heavy rock behind you down the cliff.I can't wait to know what are the upcoming things installed for me in the next few months. Life is so exciting at times and you just love it!

But other times,if doesn't feel as good. I went for an interview today and I did well. It was for a local vintage store. I know what you all are thinking,I should just say yes right away.
The problem is the lady boss is asking if I would stay in it as a long term job. As in like many years,that is something I cannot say yes right to. She explained to me nicely that its hard and waste of effort to train someone up and then the person just walks away like that. I really do need to think through on it,but still the job hunting continues as well.

These days,I want colors in my everyday outfit. Guess who stole the limelight today? The umbrella of course! The bright colors makes me feel like running in the fields and have a picnic right under the huge tree. So sorry that I've again been missing out on blogs and comments,trying to squeeze time for myself as well to do other things like heading to the flea market on Sunday. The green stone ring and floral bangle are among my flea finds!

Also,you'll realized that I actually blog 5 times a week now. It wouldn't be any lesser for certain as I give myself two days off from blogging a week. But of course,if I can I will surely post more than what I have set for myself.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moments are to be tresured in the roots of one's heart


Crochet knit pullover & leggings:Topshop
Bowler hat:Online store
Accessories:All random
Floral shoes:Dirty Pretty Things

What do you get when a bunch of girls who blog meets up for good food and have crazy photo sessions? A really fun time bonding and sharing on our lives,getting to know each other better too! I was so happy to hear when Michelle of Glisters and Blisters told me she was coming to Singapore this weekend. So we decided to do a meet up with a few other bloggers as well. Yiqin of Qin at the Disco,Adela of Love Couture Luxe and Fhenny of Little Miss Fhenny.
This is the first time for me that I've met up with many bloggers at the same time. We really had tons of fun and more meet ups like this should happen.

Yiqin and I met Michelle 1st to bring her around and there after we headed outdoors for photos. A kind photographer that was beside us offered to snap photos of us with our own and his own pro camera too which cost pretty expensive! Candid and jump shots we took which caused quite a few by-standers to stare. Thanks so much to the kind person,sorry I forgot your name.

Bali Thai at ION Orchard for lunch and the food was just yummy~ Michelle had to leave early 1st to run errands but we do wished you could have stayed longer! Round two of photo session took place with the rest. By then,I have gotten really sleepy. They said it was because I ate too full,perhaps. All of them had either Blackberrys or Iphones which has gotten me so envious. I would love to get an Iphone soon.

There were much more photos taken,but its with the other girls.So surely stay tuned for the part 2 of today's blogger meet up photos. Special thanks to Michelle,Yiqin,Adela and Fhenny for coming today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend~