Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stay the same and never look back to what's lost

Yes yes, I'm back! Guess I'll say this is my comeback post. Headed to JB with my colleagues over the weekend and we surely did had a blast! Lots of shopping,food and I bought so much snacks home that I had to use my baggu bag to store everything.

They had Nandos in Malaysia too, I was totally excited when I saw it. Yes, the food was amazing and I know I'm such a food junkie! Food is surely on my mind all the time. So girls, are we ready for another trip?? Let's all make it a road trip to Thailand:)

As for blogging, work has consumed so much of my life but I'm ready to be back. I won't say I will surely blog as often back then, but surely at my own comfortable pace. I do hope there are still readers out there reading this space.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Never change the time,let it unwind on its own

Dress:Forever 21
Bracelet:Hansel and Far East Plaza
Shoes:Minnetonka Moccasins

YESSSS,I'm back again! This is my 1st outfit post since my irregular blogging started. Firstly,I don't have much new clothing to wear and haven't been really shopping. I don't want to keep posting the same old outfits all the time. Anyhow,my new job keeps me super busy at work all day too as well. Whichever the case,I'm glad to be blogging and will try to do it as often as I can.

Just really love the pattern on this dress,it looks vintage huh?! But sadly it's not,it's from Forever 21. A birthday gift from my cousin. Just love how the vintage feel of this dress pops out. Plus,the watch I'm wearing on my hand is not a real watch! It's just a accessory that meant to look like the real thing.

Helping my friend Joanne to sell off some of her clothing below:


Merry Dress
Brand new,not worn or torn
Selling at:$25

Mini Stripes Preppy Mini in Blue(shown in 1st photo)
Brand New,not worn or torn
Fits UK 6 - 10
Selling at:$28.50

Friday, July 9, 2010

I take the clouds and put it on an empty chair

Sorry been away from blogging again the few days,I need to be on it regularly. Anyhow,I've been busy showing Joelyne and Stella around the island of Singapore. I'm so happy and glad that both of them were here and Joelyne,I was super excited to see her!

As in we both have known each other for a year now and finally getting to meet face to face,I was so excited! Cheers to more years of friendship:)We went to many places over the past 3 days! Bugis area,Sentosa and many places as well as taking neoprints too! So much fun with that.

Plus,I did a interview with Razortv recently on wearing vintage clothes. You can click here to watch the interview~

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Every single moment I hold close to my heart


Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile and many of you are thinking where have I been?! Well,I really wanted to take a break from blogging and just rest. Plus at that moment,I didn't have the vibe to dress up. Don't want to fill you all in with uninteresting content. 
I've also learnt that I don't have to keep blogging everyday. But about 3-4 times a week is good,not to overflow readers with content. It's all good balance.

I have so much to update you all on:
  • New room all done!(photos later) but made it a cozy indie vibe instead of a hippie one.
  • New job I've got,starting next next week! Exciting:)
  • Meeting up with one of my good friends,Joelyne of The Sydney Girl in Singapore 3 days from now.
Posting up some photos over the time I was away from blogging and lastly,photos of my dog. 

He passed away early this morning due to old age and I know he's in a better place now.

Hanging out and baking jam at Sarah's home

A day trip in Malaysia

RIP Dollar,my beloved friend. I'll miss you~

RIP Dollar
May 1997 - 3 July 2010

Back to usual outfit post next Tuesday!